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    Some months back there was a MVA on the interstae I travel on daily.
    Here is what the paper reported;
    Car A was in the 4th lane of a 5 lane stretch of interstate northbound.
    One lane left of car A is the "fast lane", then a breakdown strip, then a concrete divider.
    Car A drifted or swerved, the paper did not say and there were no marks on the highway to suggest a sudden swerve, into lane 3, and then lane 2.
    Lane 1 being to the extreme right for exiting and entering the interstate.
    Car A stayed in lane 2 for a very brief time before turning 180 degrees and heading south back into the lane 4.
    Car A hit Car B head on and killed the two women instantly, the two kids in back were not hurt. The paper stated the driver of Car A was dead but gave no details. Like, was he dead of a heart attack before the crash.
    So, my question. You see a car ahead swerve and begin to head back toward you, what do you do?
    I talked with some guys at work and most thought it best to turn into him and hope for a glancing blow to the rear panel.
    Any thoughts?