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ESPN announcer is refusing police security because he's afraid they'll murder him

  1. Doofus gonna doof.

    Years ago, when I was young, three police cars performed a felony stop on me. I had multiple guns pointed at me, but I don't carry on about it. They didn't shoot me, so it was a win.
  2. Its like ESPN wants to go out of business.
  3. Ok. Have a great day sir.

    No clue who you are or why you, or someone, thought you needed police protection anyways.
  4. But they gotta tune in...because “Sportsball”.
  5. That guy is a moron.
  6. What a tool!
  7. Yeah. Some folks just can't seem to make the connection between BLM/Antifa and big time sports. Either that, or they just don't care about America.
  8. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: what an idjit.
  9. Who is he?
  10. Almost never watch ESPN. Who is this guy?
  11. He's the black guy, I'm guessing.
  12. well hell, that narrows it
    down lol
    I am with the who is he crowd.
  13. Whats an "ESPN", who is that nut and WHY DO I CARE????:fist:
  14. I have found how I act determines how the Police act toward me. Or even if they notice me.
  15. Right...because cops routinely shoot sports reporters at a security detail. Happens all the time.:chatter:
  16. I wonder if they can get a former pimp to escort him? Maybe a social worker or 2?
  17. Standard issue tampon jockey, that infest ESPN.
  18. Lol, if he gets murdered because he didn’t have police protection, it’s gonna be hilarious!
  19. Since when did some no-name sports TV commentator at a college football game deserve a police security detail?
  20. He’s also Canadian...
  21. Some nobody looking for his 15 minutes of fame?
  22. The type of comments he made are what passes as virtue signaling in many parts of the Democrat community.
  23. It would be funny if he was mugged. It’s safe as he won’t call the Police.
  24. Mark Jones?...... Never heard of her.