Error I do not Exist? Not Found - Lost - Missing

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    ?? Outdoor change link

    Error: An account with that username and e-mail address was not found in our database.

    Once I located the Register button, I registered as a new user.
    The email has been received.

    My trial run experience: =

    So far IT Is a SLOW Site - compared to other sites and GT.

    After 15 mins - I will brouse the other web sites - faster.

    It is more fun buying now rather then waiting for the end.

    There are many other Firearm auction sites out here already, this one marks the 7th one in my book marks. ;m

    Logging out and Going back to the main page took 2min 45sec to load the main page?

    My poor pc locked up after using there new link - explains the slowness.

    Had to scan disk and reboot - at least there new page loads faster! But so many gun auction web sites; Same folks Same products!!