Equal Time

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    A cavalry troop led by a brash young lieutenant came riding into the little western town. An old Indian was sitting on the wooden sidewalk, leaning against the building, wrapped in a blanket and a fog of rotgut booze.
    As the young officer passed, the Indian slipped one hand from under the blanket and gave him the old one finger salutation...then, as if in afterthought, repeated the gesture horizontally, moving his hand from side to side.
    The soldier, truly puzzled, called his little contingent to a halt, dismounted, and walked over to the old man.
    "Chief," he began...." I know what that middle finger means....and I respect your right to your opinion...but what does it mean when you give it
    from side to side?"
    The Indian took a belt of whiskey, belched a cloud of noxious fumes, and replied, "Not like-um your horse, much, either!"