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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/us/colorado-woman-cited-topless-awarded-50g-settlement

    Apparently there's a law there where it's legal for a woman to be shirtless anywhere a man is also allowed to do so. They cite the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment as justification for the allowance.

    I'm no Constitutional expert, but I doubt that's the original intent of the clause... (someone chime in?)

    Modesty is dead.
  2. See you in the Furball Forum!
  3. Honey, maybe you should leave that top on..... EI6BojbUUAAqRIs.jpeg
  4. That double standard never made sense, to me.
  5. Equal rights for the shirtless! I'm all for it.
  6. I always strive for the booby prize.
  7. Best thread of the week..:cheers:
  8. Really?

    "She allegedly got overheated and took off her shirt without thinking."
  9. You're probably right but it's been a long time and my mammary isn't what it used to be.
  10. I might have to rethink my opposition to all progressive causes... :)

    But I am a pretty simple guy. ;)
  11. 227F6C8C-3713-4E83-A37C-7D6ED971148E.gif
  12. I saw Rodney live, he was great, however saw some boobs that woulda be left unseen...kinda a contest in the audience.
  13. I would look at that.
  14. NY has had an equal topless law for maybe 20 years or more. But I don't see any topless women around, except for the one in my house :)
  15. tenor (1).gif
  16. Usually the ones that want to go topless are the ones that shouldn't be going topless.
  17. Are you trying to milk this thread for all it’s worth?
  18. I am expressly not doing that.
  19. In before the lock.... or until some good pics get posted.
  20. And to think two women were banned from MLB stadiums for boobs.
  21. Much like yoga pants. :eek:
  22. Hooters are ok, but being only bags of skin filled with fat and a mammary gland, they have no real power over anyone. In fact, at 73, it appears that I've grown a pair of my own!

  23. Since The 14th amendment apparently applies to naked boobs amongst many other things, when will it be applied to the federal income taxation rates?
  24. I love boobs!
  25. Like guys who wear Speedos. HH
  26. D829BA43-3125-407E-AD8C-B4291AA800B9.jpeg
  27. Kind of like nude beaches in the US. Filled with guys that can’t look down and see their feet, let alone anything else.
  28. That's comedy right there!

  29. Does Jake The WonderDog like them?
  30. 9D425702-F7CB-4556-9EC1-4BB1AFA1F646.jpeg
  31. All im saying is that if a woman does this in public im going to take a picture of it,,thank you 1st amendment
  32. All im saying is that if a woman does this in public im going to take a picture of it,,thank you 1st amendment
  33. I sense you are pumping up your position.
  34. tit for tat i say .
  35. I have seen them in public. And, no, not hot.

  36. It's a boob. Check out a bio textbook from your local library. I suspect the people that really get worked up over this haven't seen more than one.
  37. who shows just one ? they come as a set
  38. Well, who gets just one? People who complain about breasts.
  39. :animlol:I just spit my coffee out.

    Low T?
  40. Good for her. That is a BS law anyway:D
  41. Open carry caused this..
  42. Even bovines still have modesty here in WI. My oh my, what's the world coming to?

  43. Perfectly legal here in Kentucky and has been my whole life. In fact, it legal for a woman to run around naked under our law (supreme court ruled decades ago that our indecent exposure law generally doesn't apply to women because their "sex organs" are internal) but that hasn't resulted in anybody actually doing it. Never been a law against a woman going topless in KY, that I have ever heard of.
  44. Once again the idiot taxpayers get a bill from the courts.
  45. There's a solution for that.....