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Epstein didn't kill himself thread.

  1. at suggestion of Chute the Mall. Here is a thread for all the stories, jokes memes...

    So please post them all here. Rather then beating that dead horse in a decent thread.
  2. First I've heard of it.
  3. :deadhorse:
  4. Jambog
  5. Who? Oh that guy who hung himself in jail
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  7. The Babylon Bee is having a field day:

  8. But but but...conspiracy theory!
  9. If he didn't kill himself, the lawsuits would cost them big $.
  10. The truth is you can't know much of anything in this world without a shadow of a doubt. You just have to use your jugment, consider the facts, and make your own mind up.

    That being said... That muther****er got smoked.
  11. In before you kill yourself. Was nice reading your post's lol.
  12. He also questioned the supposed “total breakdown in security,” with the “extremely unlikely” coincidences of two guards falling asleep while video cameras in Epstein’s cell and hallway were also not working.
  13. Epstein's suicide was far less likely than Jack Ruby simply walking into the basement of the Dallas PD and shooting and thus silencing Lee Harvey Oswald without some serious help. Perfect timing, right place, right time, right guy at arm's length.
  14. I would think far more likely. Jack Ruby was known in area. Officers likely visited his place. The garage had media, others... It was not secure. I used to get into places I really shouldn't have.
    I learned if I looked like I belonged, had a function, nobody stopped me. As I was known for helping out any group. People assumed I was again. (And I did)
    Epstein was a prison. 4 things had to happen for it to work. First off suicide watch. 2nd no cell mate. 3rd Vidio system turned off. 4th guards both sleep. (-and those are the easy ones)

    I have worked some boring security jobs. If you are a team, really tired... One sleeps, the other does rounds. Gets a hr nap then back at it. For both to sleep is really stupid. Those were "pay for college wage jobs, not CAREER paying for life jobs"

    Oswald was easy to get to. The reason Ruby decided to act??? That I can't figure. That was the strangest thing IMO. IF he had said "I wanted to be famous, the HERO who killed the man who shot the President". Type stuff. IMO closed book.
  15. I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought he would die quickly in prison due to mysterious circumstances
  16. C'mon now, Epstein liked hanging, around......

  17. One phrase keeps popping up in my mind: "Just how dumb do they think we are, anyway?"
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  29. Epstein died accidentally by overdoing neck exercises.
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  35. Or maybe he’s not dead at all.

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  37. I think Walter White was behind this.
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  46. If he DID kill himself then add murder to his list of crimes.
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