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EOTech on Patrol Rifles

  1. Didn't see this posted.


    Seems the operational temps were fudged a little. The zero drifted as much as 4MOA at 122 degrees Fahrenheit. I know some of you guys patrol in areas that get stupid hot.

    I'm not bashing the company. Never owned an EOTech, just something I saw posted on another forum. I thought I'd be in the wrong not to share here were we use rifles for more than just knocking down steel.
  2. I can see a parked car getting that hot.

    I have never been thrilled with our EOTECHS but the decision to go with them happened 5 years before I became an instructor and was made by a guy who would become our worst chief.
  3. I prefer aimpoint to eotech for patrol for the following reasons;

    1. The ability to turn the aimpoint on at the beginning of your shift, toss it in your rack or case, and not worry about it auto shutting off. The eotech would shut off after 8 hours had a worse battery life to begin with and when you turned it back on, you had to readjust it back to desired brightness.

    2. I feel the 2MOA dot is easier to focus and aim than the ginormous reticule of the eotech. That's completely a personal preference, as I know guys prefer it..

    The above is based on about a year with the eotech 512.a65 and about 2 years with the aimpoint PRO..
  4. I like the EOtech myself. I know for a fact a car parked in the summer in my area will heat to over 120.

    Never been a problem thus far. We qualify with it twice a year and it always shoots to where it should.
  5. I'm kind of surprised by this myself. I've been running an Eotech on my work rifle for coming up on 2 years with no problems. Granted, it now lives in the trunk of our assigned unmarked car, but it's always been tough as nails and shot to point of aim.

    The only issue I've ever had was that it fell off during a training class while we were conducting an officer rescue drill. Complete user error, and totally my fault for not checking the tightness of the mount. Can't hold that against the equipment.
  6. I've run the same eotech for about 4 years and have no complaints. It stays in my take home all the time, summer or winter. I've never had issue with the zero. I think one time I had to adjust the windage at a fall qual by 2 or 3 clicks and that was after at least a year of patrol use.
  7. I've got both, an Eotech and an Aimpoint. I've run both on patrol rifles. I like both, because they've both been reliable and good optics. I still fail to see what this stupid "versus" debate is all about.

    On a side note, the only failure I've had on either was a battery going dead on my Aimpoint during an entry. Not the optics fault...

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  8. I absolutely despise Eotechs....selling it and getting an Aimpoint PRO was the best thing I ever did.
  9. Not surprised. I prefer Aimpoints and have quite few. I like being able to simply leave the Comp M4 on my patrol rifle on all the time. Don't have to worry about it shutting off during a 12 hour shift or the batteries going out.

    The reticle is cool on EOTech at first, but other issues just didn't do it for me. It did not like being mounted on an AR308 either.
  10. Just sent my XPS back for a refund. My new H-1 is very nice. The battery in my XPS lasted over a year. I hardly used it.
  11. Man, when I started in LE the EOtech was about the only game in town, and highly coveted. I remember seeing all the secret squirrels and SWAT with their eotechs back when us mere mortals weren't allowed to dream about hitting the street with a rifle.

    I find these reports very interesting and not consistent with my experience or the experience of our guys at work with dozens of Eotechs over the last 12 or so years.

    I own a Aimpoint Pro and am quite fond of it. It lives on a range only gun and has been a good sight. There are advantages and disadvantages to both I guess.

    I for one will be keeping my EOtech unless its reliability changes.

    I have never had the zero wander more than a MOA or two in between quals and have found it to hold zero through several removals and remounts. I change the batteries out every year just to be safe and have never had a dead sight when I needed it.
  12. I never cared for the somewhat slow and exasperating pushbutton ON/brightness selection of the EoTech, and my XPS-2 while usually turned off always went dead batt before a year was over. Also didn't like that mine shut off automatically either 4- or 8-hours into my 12-hour shift. But I liked the 65-MOA circle dot for close quarters shooting. Mine was great at the range. Elsewhere not so much.

    Don't own that XPS-2 any more. But I now have three Aimpoints (T-1, a PRO and a Comp M4s) all bought NIB out-of-pocket not issued. I have much more confidence in them individually and as a group.
  13. Yesterday the EOTechs were pulled off of our M4s and Aimpoint Micro T-1s were issued out.

    I like the EOTech reticle but will be fine with the 2MOA Aimpoint reticle.

    I've been promised one of the next M4s. I'm not holding my breath. Our FIs have been told that none are available.
  14. I sure wish my T-1 was issued. You are very fortunate to be issued such fine hardware.

    So the EoTech got pulled and a Micro T-1 got slapped on, when do you zero those guns/optics?
  15. My agency only issues new guns or optics at the range. They are zeroed/qualified with immediately after issue. My new railed P226 sat on the Captains desk for months before our scheduled range day when it was issued to me.
  16. They were issued Thursday and zeroed/qualified Friday.
  17. The only way to do it.
  18. They've been pulled from rifles at three agencies thus far in the OKC metro with ours most likely around the corner. Also will be prohibited for use on personally owned duty rifles due to legal liability. I'll miss mine.
  19. Seems extreme to me if a sight has proven itself there is no reason to take it out of service.
  20. You guys hiring????? :supergrin:
  21. Yeah, but depending on the office the M4s are few and far between. :steamed:

    I'm hoping to get the next 11" M4 that shows up, by hook or by crook. :tbo:
  22. The liability aspect of using an optic with such publicly made issues has admin pulling authorization for their use to avoid any legal issues.
  23. Anyone in doubt should read the entire 40 page lawsuit. They admit that NONE of the sights meet the specs advertised and parallax drifted 12MOA at 32F and 20MOA at 5F, plus don't go back to zero when back at zeroed temperature. My EOTech went back for a full refund 2 days ago, even as a range gun that's unacceptable for an expensive sight.
  24. I read it and have changed my tune. I also discovered that my unit has leaked it nitrogen out.

    I just filled out and submitted a refund request for mine. This is total BS.

    Guess I'll be carrying my shotgun for in the car for a few weeks until I can get to the range and zero my irons.

    I have an Aimpoint Pro laying around not doing much, but at this point good old reliable carry handle sights are sounding like a wise choice.

  25. I was about to reply to your first post, then I saw this.

    Yeah, there is a ton of liability by continuing to have these in service while there are so many unknowns on the actual causes of failure and no real diagnosis or repair campaign from L-3.

    We have 160+ cops, and a LOT of agency owned and officer owned EOTechs. I'm probably going to push to have all models decertified for use here. Some folks bought them and will balk at having to replace them if they don't "see a problem" with them. Problem is, these same people keep the weapon cased all year until it is time to inspect or qual and never shoot it. And when the tone alert drops, and they deploy it after having not touched it for 8 months, and the zero is off 18 inches at 100m, that is a recipe for you know what!

    I'm getting a Trijicon MRO and RMR to replace my EXPS3-0 and MRDS.

  26. I have a Pro, but have never really warmed up to it for some reason. I have been looking at the Trijicon Reflex, but it's a sight I will not be able to put hands on before purchasing. No one in my area carries them in stock so it will be a blind internet purchase.

    Like I said, I might just go back to rocking the carry handle sight zeroed at 50 yards. Then my only electronic on the gun will be the Surefire light.
  27. MRO is to the Reflex, what the Micro is to the Pro/Comps. Are you a Firearms Instructor? Under $400!!!
  28. No, not a firearms instructor.

    This hasn't really sunk in yet. I am in no hurry to replace it with anything. I ran irons for a long time before going with an optic, I can go back and not feel disadvantaged.

    I ride a bike now anyway. A rifle is not part of my day to day routine anymore.
  29. Copy that. Same here when its not 11F lol.
  30. All the Eotechs have been removed and mailed back. As a temporary replacement, we are issuing toilet paper tubes with duck tape mounts. For long range, we use paper towel tubes. I guess we will use the tube from the gift wrap paper if we get a Barrett.
  31. Paperwork is submitted, waiting on my return authorization.

    I think I am just going to save the money and run the carry handle sight zeroed at 50 yards.
  32. Nothing wrong with that.

    The pool gun in my CVPI is a POS Bushy XM15 with an A2 fixed carry handle upper zeroed at 50. No light, GI sling, and dare I say as reliable as the day is long.

  33. Been think about that too. Damn shame, as I really like my Eotech.

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  34. I put the Aimppoint PRO on there. Going to have to wait until I get the range as its just bore sighted at this point. Seems silly to have an Aimpoint in the house and not have it mounted to anything. I will put the carry handle on the 20" range only gun, it seems more fitting for the carry handle sight anyway.

    I have nothing against the Aimpoint, I just always trained with the Eotech and that is what my muscle memory is used to.

    I do like that the Aimpoint mounted farther forward on the rail than the Eotech. I have it as far forward as it can go and still keep the entire mount on the rail.

    I still have good field of vision with both eyes open, and it co witnesses perfectly with my BUIS just as before.

    Just feels like a monstrosity of a sight compared to the Eotech. Guess time will tell.

    Can y'all tell I am off work and bored out of my mind? Haha.

    The Colt 6920 is on top. Her big sister is just a play gun, a RRA 20". The RRA has been a very fun little gun at the range and has considerably more rounds down range than the Colt.

  35. Good deal.
  36. Anyone have any updates on getting their refund? I tried getting in touch with L3 Eotech for the last few days and no one is answering the phones, plus the return authorization form isn't listed on the website anymore.

    Anyone having similar issues?
  37. I got an email saying my return request was approved. It took 2 days...but that was a few weeks ago. I shipped it back-waiting on check. I replaced it with another PRO. The battery life is insane:banana:. The PRO I already owned has been on for over 2 years now (two clicks down from the brightest). We still have eotechs on all the dept rifles. I would imagine since we got them on a grant, the return process will be intensive as I think we have 500+.

  38. I'd like to dump my Eotech, but I'm afraid I'll send it back then the business will go belly up. Then I'd be short a sight and $400 dollars.

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  39. I did read a post on another thread here on GT where the comment was that L-3 isn't answering phones and the claim form is no longer on their website. I sure hope this is not going to be long-term.

  40. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2015/10/22/potd-motorcycle-trunk-gun/

  41. I was reading the accounts of the return process on another forum and they report no drama.

    The last attempt to return was a little earlier today. The individual officer was able to get a rep on the phone, the SN had been rubbed off due to use, and filled out the return authorisation. I'm guessing it's only a temporary thing. Maybe shutting down shop for the holidays or something.
  42. I got approved for return and printed my authorization off this morning. The whole process took a few emails back and forth over the course of a few days.

    I am mailing mine out tomorrow.
  43. Haha.

    Looks iffy to me on a motor, might look darn out of place on my bicycle. I am lucky to get two water bottles, a forms holder, and a pair of handcuffs and leg irons.

    The leg irons come I handy when there is not caged vehicle to set a drunk crazy in.
  44. The set up would weigh more than the bike

  45. http://www.eotechinc.com/return-authorization-request-form
  46. Yeah the one in squad has a special key for the override not a handcuff key
  47. Not ours!