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This is a real nice EoTech MRDS made by Insight. On a cheap mount and has 2 new extra batteries.
Lens is not perfect but as you see it's not bad, has a 7.5 moa dot.

Looking to get a Leupold VX-1. 1-4x 20mm shotgun scope with Heavy Duplex...

Will trade for that in like new condition with rings or sell for $200 and buy one.

Will shop out next day USPS First-class.

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I have the same tube but with the Pig-Plex reticle that I'd be willing to trade you if you're interested. It has about 50 rounds through it on my 10/22, reticle is a little big for a 22.

Let me know if you're interested.
I was actually looking at that one as I love the German #4 retical and that is basicly it. I wanted heavy cross hairs as it will be mostly used on 1x for fast shooting but with clear optics and not just my old eyes and a red dot. Lol
Will you leave the rings on it or no ?
Got any pics ?

But yes this sounds good to me.
How would you feel comfortable doing this ?
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