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English Pointer Dog needs a home, Houston TX area

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by RandyM, Feb 28, 2005.

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    Sep 27, 2003
    Seabrook, Texas
    English Pointer Dog needs a home, Houston TX area
    I am in Hockley northwest of Houston.
    The dog is female and has littered pups at some point. I am not sure if she is fixed. She is very friendly and appears to like attention very much. I took her to a vet to be scanned for an identification implant and there was none. The vet indicated she may be in the range of seven years old. Judging what she did on our lease on the 19th of February I would say she is definitely a hunting dog. She ran to and fro and was looking for birds and pointed several times. I could not keep up with her. Had I put a lead on her I may have been able to keep up. She did return to the truck after a while. I have no training gear or the facilities to keep a pointer. And, I already have three other dogs. I also have never trained such a dog and would not know where to start. The hotel in Olney had called the police to pick her up and I felt they would shoot her, so I told the hotel owner I would take her. They know me and I told them if anyone came in this weekend (the last weekend of bird season) looking for a lost dog to give them my contact information. So far no one has contacted me.
    If you want to see her or talk call me at my office 713.954.5561

    Nick Lanza
    25010 Pine Ridge Road
    Hockley, Texas 77447
    cell: 281.787.1289