Engineers vs. Lawyers

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    (Here's one that's fairly long, but pretty funny... enjoy! ;f)

    Three engineers and three lawyers were travelling by train to a convention. Each of the three lawyers went up to the ticket counter and bought a ticket.
    They noticed that the engineers only seemed to have one ticket between them.

    So the lawyers walked over to the engineers and asked, "How on earth to you plan to travel with just one ticket between the three of you?"
    The engineers replied, "When we board the train, watch and see."

    Well, the lawyers were certainly curious as to what the engineers planned on doing. When the time came to board the train, the lawyers took their seats
    and scratched their heads as they watched the three engineers squeeze themselves into one of the bathrooms.

    The train headed out, and soon a porter came down the aisle crying "Tickets please!" The lawyers each handed him their ticket. They watched as the porter approached
    the bathroom where the engineers were hiding. He knocked and called out for a ticket. The door opened a tiny crack, and a hand pushed a ticket out
    to the porter, which he took and continued on his way. When the three engineers finally came out of their cramped quarters, the lawyers congratulated them on their cunning plan.
    They told the engineers that they planned on attempting the trick on the return trip.

    After the convention was finished, one of the lawyers went to the ticket counter and purchased a single ticket.
    The engineers were nowhere to be seen at the train station. The lawyers didn't think much about it, and pretty soon the time came to board the train.
    Once they were aboard, the lawyers noticed the three engineers cramming themselves into another bathroom up ahead. They called out to them, and the engineers waved as they disappeared into the bathroom.
    The lawyers did likewise. Shortly, one of the engineers left their hinding place, walked down to where the lawyers were hiding, knocked on the door, and cried, "Ticket, please!"
    After which, he quickly returned to his two friends, ticket in hand, to await the porter.
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