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Enemies of the 2nd Amendment, enemies of freedom.

Discussion in 'Illinois Glockers' Club' started by I0WA, Mar 2, 2012.

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    Feb 1, 2012
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    Not that I agree with all of the Occupy movements, but if there is one thing they have done well is brought the spotlight on the criminal acts of the banking industry.

    I think it's time to start being heard that we need our second amendment rights. The proper way to do this is to let our representatives know we're unhappy with them. It's time to be loud, be heard, and maybe even get some media attention. I am 100% serious about this, and I'll even donate some time to make a website devoted to these things. Our second amendment rights to protect ourselves shouldn't be limited by Reps taking payoffs ("contributions") from BS lobbying groups. Before I get anything started, I'm posting here and a few other sites I frequent to see who's all interested.

    It's time to be heard.

    The first representative on the list is Representative Edward J. Acevedo (D). He has put forth more garbage legislation that's anti-gun than I can even stomach to look at. To make things worse he's an ex-LEO and has seen the evil sides of the world, yet wants to deny us the ability to protect ourselves.

    Here are some of his bills he has introduced, and are moving through congress now.






    His official Government page.

    Representative Edward J. Acevedo (D)
    2nd District
    Assistant Majority Leader


    Springfield Office:
    109 Capitol Building
    Springfield, IL 62706
    (217) 782-2855
    (217) 557-5148 FAX
    District Office:
    1836 W. 35th St.
    Chicago, IL 60609
    (773) 843-1500
    (773) 843-9500 FAX
    Cook County
    Years served: 1997 - Present

    Let's get this clown out of office, or better, convince him that he's wrong.
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