End of Watch: Bob Holmes, retired Seattle Fire

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    Passed away 5 June 2007.

    Bob Holmes, a fourth generation Washington state citizen, passed away this morning from health complications. He was 83 years old. He was my father in law and a very good friend. He was the "hosehead" to me being a "copper." He is survived by his second wife and a daughter (who married a cop rather than a firefighter, much to his humerous chagrin :) ).

    Bob Holmes had a distinguished life. In 1942, he took an early graduation so that he could join the 41st Division fighting in the South Pacific. He fought through the islands, finally ending his service in 1946 at Hiroshima. He and his company walked through Hiroshima two weeks after the bomb had been dropped.

    Upon returning to Seattle that year, he joined the Seattle Fire Department, serving for 23 years. He was forced to retire due to work related injuries. He absolutely loved being a firefighter and is credited for a non-fire save of a five year old child (who was about to be run over by an unoccupied bus) during his career, not to mention all of the fire calls for service.

    Over the years, he was active in the Seattle Fire Department retired travel club and the 41st Division Association. He was a Freemason, Elks club member, Shriner and a member of other service organizations. He volunteered to help build the National Guard museum located at Camp Murray, Washington.

    As a cop who deply appreciates my fire and ems brothers and sisters, I ask that you remember your retired fire service personnel. Many are passing away from job related injuries and age. Even as retirees, many still stay involved in ways outside of the active duty circle.

    I will dearly miss Bob.

    Please remember those who have served before you.
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    Salus populi suprema est lex.

    Prayer inbound and Godspeed.

    RIP brother.