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Emerson specific legality questions

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Hello Mr. Emerson,

I've been reading about switch-blade laws and definitions lately and came to wonder, have any of your knives with the wave feature ever fallen under scrutiny in court?

Also, a similar question in regards to the karambit. Has this ever been challenged as a form of "brass knuckles" or "knuckle duster" as the ring encircles either the index or pinkie finger?

I used to carry your karambit (with the excuse that it was a portable drywall cutter), but have since become concerned about legalities.

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Dear Mr. Wayax,

I can not say that they have been scrutinized or not. I am just not personally aware of it. As I always recommend, error on the side of your better judgement. A knife that looks a "little" like a weapon really looks like a weapon in the hands of an aggressive attorney, standing before a liberal judge.

Best Regards,

Ernest R. Emerson
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