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Emergency Warning Equipment (MI)

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by April, Mar 15, 2006.

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    Aug 24, 2005
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    We've had this stuff sitting around for a while.. time to try and move it on out. Everything was fully operational when it was taken out of service. Hubby went from Deputy Fire Chief to Probie when we moved (crazy vollies).

    Prices are listed but everything is OBO. Delivery included to the 75 corridor from Bay City to around 696 and the 69 corridor from Lansing to Lapeer. (What can I say, we get around.) If you're out of state, please let me know so we can figure shipping or delivery since we'll be traveling here in a few weeks.

    Code 3 - MX7000 48" All light. Options: alleys, takedowns, rear flashers, intersection, 7 rotators (no mirrors), red filters on lower level, blue domes on top (domes and filters included will depend on buyer's local laws) ($250)

    Code 3 - MasterCOM (3892L6) 200 Watt w/ light controls ($125)

    Fed Signal - BP-100 cast 100 Watt siren speaker (2 available - 1 may be a CPI instead of a FS) ($50/ea)

    Fed Signal - 6 head Traffic Advisor (320162) No controller (no longer manufactured but parts still available) ($75)

    Show-Me - 8 head strobe power pack (27.78185) ($150)

    Galls - Vertical Accessory Stand (4 unit I think) ($30)

    Jotto Desk - Universal mount Laptop stand (it's seen some better days but it's still functional) (Free if you buy something else ;))

    Kenwood - TK-730 VHF radio, 45W, 150-176MHz ($75)

    Kenwood - TK-860 UHF radio, 25W, 450-476MHz (no handmic) ($75)

    The siren and both speakers can be had a set for $175(and they're LOUD).

    If you want pics, please PM me.

    Help a girl out. Mamma wants a new pistol. ;f
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    Sep 17, 2003
    Can I get some pics of the TK-730 VHF radio please! Pretty please. You can e-mail them to me if you want. Most likely I'll take it!