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    Sep 2, 2020
    I recently sent Ed Brown 3 wilson 47d mags that my kimbers both disliked (lots of failures to feed). In return I purchased 2 of Ed Browns very nice 8 rounders and one 7 rounder all in black. Both Kimbers loved them.

    Initially, on the first try of the mags I was worried as my Pro Carry 1 (yes not II) didnt like them, however the new mags come with some very strong springs and just needed a little breakin. After a few loading and unloadings for each of the three new ones they ran perfectly fine. The 7 rounder really smoothed up which I really wanted that one to work for a flush fit carry option as most of my kimber mags are pretty aged and have seen competitive shooting time.

    A big thanks to Ed Brown for offering this program. And no hate to Wilson. My Kimbers simply didnt like the 47D. My pro carry sports the 22lb flat wire kit from Wilson as well as a Wilson Extractor. The extractor has needed a little tuning (I think at drop-in it was too tight) but it is clearly overbuilt when compared to a stock Kimber extractor. So i trust the part is perfect and worth the extra bucks. My pistol smithing is what needs a fix.
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    Nov 4, 2003
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    My Colt Gov Model did not care for the Wilsons 47D either. The 47D's would not feed the last round. I sent them all to Ed Brown for the 7 rounders. My Colt likes them. Feeding problem went away. John!
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  3. Bradley T

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    Jan 19, 2015
    I also had a 47d that stopped the slide back and left the last cartridge sitting there on the top of the magazine. I paid more and got the Wilson ETM's. I may have to contact Mr. Brown.
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