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Earth's ozone hole is the smallest it's been in decades

  1. I predict that it will not make the MSM tonight.
  2. this cannot be . every other day some left wing dingbat is telling us we will all be dead soon because we are destroying our planet and its atmosphere
  3. Next year they will tell us Ozone causes cancer.

    Time to un-ban CFCs.
  4. what???????? we need to burn fossil fuels pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    scientist said it will never be restored. what do they know? this is a living organism . this planet will go thru phases cold to hot and other states. read history of this planet.
  5. I would like to hear Al "bozo the clown" Gore's opinion first..
  6. BUT BUT BUT our Chihuahua Cortez sayz that Miami will get flooded in 7 years.

  7. well must of us here know how to swim. so that will come handy. I think.
  8. Can I have my R-12, and Halon fire extinguishers back, then?

  9. You should see the crap we have to go through when we have an SF6 leak on a high voltage breaker because it's "harmful to the ozone"...
  10. Apparently not all environmental regulations are bad, huh?
  11. this cannot be . every other day some right wing dingbat is telling us that environmental regs don't work and we have no effect on the environment
  12. Yeah, the whole CfCs are eating the oZone scam that was the precursor to the global warming hoax...
  13. There is actually NO proof that CfCs had anything to do with the size of the oZone hole, and there were plenty of scientists who never bought into the theory - though the leftists all cried it was settled science.
  14. I don't have to know how to swim, I live on high ground.
  15. I live @ 5300-ft above sea level so I really don't care
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  17. You're welcome, guys. I started taking Beano
  18. It's all them model trains running 24/7, makin the O3.
  19. I'm having a real hard time following the logic in this thread:

    Thirty years ago, two scientists reported that CFCs were damaging the ozone layer. In response, the countries of the world banded together to massively reduce CFC emissions, despite corporate shills trying to block all attempts at regulation. Since then, the ozone layer has healed tremendously.

    How the heck can anyone interpret this as a loss for the environmentalists? This is literally the textbook example of science winning over big business, and how international cooperation can lead to environmental improvement for the common good.

    This thread is seriously screwed up.
  20. The 1980’s is over. No more using aqua net hair spray.
  21. :animlol: Great points!
  22. China has been cheating. But we cannot have R12 anymore even though it is an excellent refrigerant. Others need higher pressure to work creating other problems.
  23. I've always "loved" how the united nations, through the IPCC, can blame Global Warming for EVERYTHING, and especially whether a particular year is hot or cold, wet or dry, flood or drought, bunker crops or crop blight, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

    No matter what the weather does, the IPCC points towards Global Warming as being responsible. This is not just pseudo-Science on steroids, it is patently junk Science unrestrained and running amok. I get literally amazed at just how many, otherwise intelligent people see the IPCC and their cronies hold up diametrically opposing data points, and then let the IPCC get away with insisting that Global Warming is ALWAYS responsible for both observed extremes.

    Moreover, since part of their Climate Change supercomputer modeling was found to be purposely programmed with the exact opposite of what is occurring in the atmosphere (e.g., GIGO), the IPCC and their cronies have consistently ignored all requests to make the modeling programs available for review by independent experts.

    I am positive that just like the prevailing weather patterns are always spun to be the result of Global Warming's influence, this data about the ozone "hole" decreasing in size will also be key-holed into being, yep, "a result of Global Warming"

    Simply put, well, make that VERY simply put, when ultraviolet light hits oxygen, ozone is created. OTOH, the more ozone there is, the less ultraviolet light gets through that ozone.

    So understanding, one thing has been known since in-depth studies of the Ozone layer(s) began, which is when the upper Ozone layer(s) show an increase in ozone, the lower layers begin to show a decrease, and this is simply due to less ultraviolet light reaching the oxygen molecules contained within the lower layer(s) of our atmosphere.

    This decrease has nothing to do with ongoing anthropological (i.e., human) influences, which is the way I am guessing the IPCC and their cronies will spin this data about the hole getting smaller. Rather, the decrease in the lower levels is be due to the fact upper layers are now able to block more of the ultraviolet light from actually reaching the lower layers. Period.

    Less ultraviolet light coming through the upper Ozone layer means less ozone being created in the lower level. Of course I bet the globalists will again either blame chlorofluorocarbons, or something really stupid like cow and chicken farts.

    I just love this world we live in.... :rolleyes:

  24. ******* What he said *****
  25. So the earth's "o zone" hole is nice and tight?

    I'll be in my bunk.
  26. Lets not allow the facts to get in the way of our goal of raising taxes and stealing people's Freedom.
  27. Just read an article where China has been pumping TONS of CFCs into the atmosphere for many years (with no one doing anything about it). Now we're hearing the ozone hole is shrinking. Maybe CFCs had nothing to do with it after all?
  28. So, does this mean I can skip the SPF?
  29. Here lies the fault in your argument.

    The article you quote does NOT say the emissions went down, only that "the countries of the world banded together," blah, blah, blah.

    The ugly truth is that CfC emissions globally went UP, even though they were banned in most 1st world countries - in yet another attempt to regulate commerce and behavior based on bad science.

    Yeah, it doesn't fit the narrative, so the facts are omitted.

    This WILL get the low-information or headline voter's attention.

    I just heard that politicians are now saying Climate Change ends the world in only 10 years, so with that accelerated time schedule, we don't need an ozone layer anyway...
  30. The thing you have to realize is that, outside of firearms, the average Glocktalk user isn't very smart :) I think people here think that ozone and global warming are directly correlated.

    I'm going to trust NASA on this one:

  31. Well, that is well written!:goodpost:
  32. You have proof that data was changed? Or are we talking about revising their hypothesis as new data is gleaned?

    What about the moon landing? Do you trust NASA on that one?
  33. No. Just windmills.
  34. Kinda like the NOAA weather stations that were placed close to air conditioner condensers among other things.


  35. This article explains how changing the historical temperature data is, I guess, now accepted scientific method. So I shouldn't say anything.

  36. Could it be that expiring patents caused ozone depletion?

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  37. Where do you think they filmed "The Right Stuff" ?

    I rest my case.

  38. Global CFC emissions are about 1/4 what they were in the late 1980's. China's emissions are a fraction of what the US and Europe used to put out.


  39. @ALNC
    would love this
  40. Your statement is simply not true.
    There has always been some black market CFC production, notably from China in the past few years, but total global emissions have plummeted since the Montreal Protocol.
  41. Not according to every report I've read from real sources.
  42. Isn't that kinda like saying that since lead exposure in kids that live close to roads is at all time lows, we should start putting lead back in gasoline?
  43. Cite?

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  44. If I find the time I may dig up a couple, but it's really not hard to find the truth if you care.

    The Chinese have never cut back on CFCs, and in fact have increased their CFC omissions to more than double that of the rest of the world.

    I know it doesn't fit the narrative, but the truth is indeed inconvenient.

    When the sources quoted are political, environmental, or benefit directly from the research grants, they are not credible.

    When the sources say nothing about actual emission levels, and only quote the politi-speak, they are not credible.

    Many people here have no critical reading skills and do not get beyond the headlines, so that's where their knowledge stops.

    Why do I know about China? Because I brought two very large factories online in China in the last 15 years requiring cooling of millions of cubic feet of space each. Virtually all of our systems used R-12 Freon, as it's cheap and works very well. The "factory cities" in China are all running R-12 or other chlorine or florine based coolants, and these amount to many billions of cubic meters being cooled by CFC based coolants.

    Although China signed the Montreal Protocol, they have NO obligation to even begin to reduce emissions or use until 2045 - and as a result have no intentions on doing so.
  45. Welcome to GT. People here would protest something as stupid as a privately-owned bakery making a cake for a gay couple, because "Liberal". Anything that's remotely supported by Leftists is bad. You're not going to get an unbiased, rational response here sometimes.
  46. Well keep diggin because everything I found shows that the highest level was about 1995 and has gone down considerably with the very small spike recently last 8 years It shows us nowhere near the output of the nineties.

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  47. Well keep diggin because everything I found shows that the highest level was about 1995 and has gone down considerably with the very small spike recently last 8 years It shows us nowhere near the output of the nineties.

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  48. Thank you. Give me three days instead of thirty minutes and I could really wow ya.