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Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say

  1. I dont have much problem with the science of climate change, but in the larger picture I think its the height of human arrogance to presume we have control over the earth's climate. Whether mankind is here or gone, the earth will keep earthing and the Sun will keep aging.
  2. Regardless of how much effect it has on global warming the last thing Atlanta needs is more people. I hear the same from people in other large cities too. The roads are a congested mess, the price of housing is soaring to unaffordable levels, urban sprawl has pushed 20 miles north in the 30 years I have been here, in an area that averages over 40 inches of rain a year we often have water restrictions and everything seems crowded in general. All because the population of the greater Atlanta area has doubled over the past 30 years Population growth is good for business, tax revenue and propping up social security but it's negative impact on quality of life is a very high price to pay.

    The more people the more CO2 and other pollution too. I do not see how the left can both call themselves environmentalists and support the open borders policies that are a major factor driving up population.

    But all our idiot politicians have to say on the subject of population growth is we do not have enough of it. Both the right and the left wants to encourage more people to have babies with family friendly tax policies and increased levels of legal immigration. The left also wants the "benefits" of even more population growth from open borders.

    The US population cannot keep growing forever. If something cannot go on forever that means it has to stop. Putting of dealing with the problems of a stable population is not going to be any easier 50 years from now with 600 million people living here.
  3. We have exceeded the carrying capacity of the environment in our cities. We prop it up by trucking in food and piping out waste. There has to be a tipping point coming up sometime soon.
  4. The key to all our environmental and social problems is simple...capitalism and increased prosperity.

    Wealthy populations have negative growth rates. FACT

    Environmentalism is an expensive hobby and it requires prosperous people who have money and freedom. I promise I've lived and worked in too many third world crapholes to know. Poor people are worried about food on the table and clean water...followed by a roof over their head. The last thing they care about is the idiotic theory of climate change. They'll chop down every damn tree in a 30 mile radius to heat their homes or cook their food. I've seen it... The entire Warsaw Pact and Eastern Bloc Communist countries had two sad things in common. They were brutally poor and their cities and waterways were filthy cesspools of industrial waste and pollution. But they were socialists--I'm sure they cared about the environment...nope.

    Push capitalism, free markets, and prosperity and the environment and human population problem will take care of itself inside of 50 years
  5. This conforms perfectly with The Powernoodle Principle. Kooky leftists view humans as evil oppressors of poor, victimized Mother Earth - so the evil oppressors must be punished. Same principle that nutty leftists apply to everything from Big Pharma to the American military. Perceived oppressors vs. perceived victims. It all derives from the poor leftist having been dropped on her head as a baby, or having no daddy. Same result. She sees herself as a victim, so she spends her life trying to punish those she (wrongly) perceives as victimizers.
  6. Just look how nice things are in Mumbai....real garden spot and this will be our future unless we (The USA) shut our borders.
  7. Human life is like a upside down pyramid.
    Two people make three or four kids, their kids do the same.

    See the population problem yet?
  8. Mass sterilization.
    The environmental movement is, at its heart, an anti-human movement. They won't speak of these things now. 20 years from now, those who are left will wonder how it all happened.
  9. Will AOC take one for the cause?
  10. Too much of you guys. Just the right amount of me...
  11. I'm sure something like this would help with their goal of 'population reduction.' :whistling:

    But maybe for more than just one night a year.

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=K0LLaybEuzA

  12. Exponential growth can be a hard concept for some.

    This was a big concern around 1970 and with the Sierra Club too but then ignored because it was thought of as racist after they realized it is Africa and India that are the problem.

    Half the growth will be in Africa by 2050, 30 short years away. 1.2 Billion Africans added by 2050.

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  14. Sure she will, give her one of these, tell her it shoots great, and nice and straight!

  15. Any eco-freak who has children is a hypocrite.
  16. Humans have done a lot of killing but the big killers will be disease and famine when we reach peak carrying capacity. What that number is is unknown and even if an unlimited number can be supported how will the quality of life be?

    Europe and Japan have stopped their population growth without killing (besides abortion).

    The other nations can too.

    The USA won WWII with 133 million people. I am not anti people but I liked it when there was less traffic and endless ugly development.
  17. A couple of these in strategic locations.

  18. At some point, we’ll have a massive pandemic. They’re cyclical and unavoidable. They’ve happened throughout history.

    In all likelihood, Southeast Asia will be ground zero. Too many people in close contact with too many farm animals. Many living in squalid conditions. It’s a recipe for disaster.
  19. Well more abortion clinics is the answer.
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  21. For an origin site of the next worldwide killer-pandemic, I was going to say India, but yeah, SE Asia is equally as likely.

    I always gauge disease-probability by looking at the quality of the food eaten in these locales. Not the high-end 'tourist' fare at the clean and fancy restaurants near the international airport, but what the average slopehead on the street is fed everyday. Rat meat in gravy-type stuff.

    Most of it smells like people's feet with dry-rot festering between the toes. :confused: :puking:

    Best guess: 5%-7% of the world's population goes dead before it subsides.

    Post-Pandemic survivors are Darwin Award genetic 'rock stars.'

  22. A real pandemic would tear through Asia, India and Africa like wildfire. Too many people, too close together with social services already being unstable BEFORE millions start dying. China would probably kill as many citizens trying to stop the spread of the disease as the disease itself. First World would probably have the lowest death toll due to less crowding and access to better medical care.
  23. The sad part? Generally the less educated people start having kids the quickest, and they have many.
    Every study I have seen. In general if they didn't finish High School more likely to have a couple kids then those who graduated HS. Who have more kids then those who graduate College......

    Same with income. How stupid is it we as a society encourage those who can't take care of themselves... To have many kids?

    Regards pandemic. We have prevented most of them, stopped them early on. So when one happens. If it's a bad one. Say +5 days you are contagious BEFORE you are symptomatic... 70% mortality, spreads by air vapor, can live outside of host @10 days...
  24. Next time ebola threatens to decimate Africa and maybe make it to industrialized countries just say well I guess we will see.... that should help.
  25. Who knew? Malthus?
  26. Wait...are they volunteering to take one for the team?
  27. Tell the environmental loons to use hemp rope and go to a tree to apologize. Then assemble all those components. Problem solved
  28. It is really hard to have sustained economic growth without sustained population growth.

    Something will have to give, policy will likely have nothing to do with what gives.
  29. I guess if we have to... you know, save the planet... by process of elimination...

    We start chucking all sacrifice demanding statist progressives into fiery volcanoes, thus appeasing them what need appeasing and maybe the volcano (planet) will be satisfied... for a wee bit?

    I mean, if we have to... we have to...

    At initial glance it seems harsh... true... but... when you ponder it for more than 5 seconds it brings a small smile (or is that a smirk? none the less...) to your face... so yes... it might be an extreme appeasement, but darn-it I Like It!

    I mean... IF we have to do some sacrifice thing...
  30. An Avian influenza strain that jumps to humans would be a likely pandemic scenario.

    Some strains of H7N9 are only one or two genetic changes away from transmitting efficiently in humans. This virus has a 40% mortality rate.
    Four times as deadly as the H1N1 strain that caused the 1918 pandemic.
  31. Economic growth is a poor substitute for economic growth per capita.

    Bringing in enough people to increase the population 10% and bragging about a 10% increase in the GNP did nothing to help the people already living here but that is what most economists and politicians do. The construction industry relies heavily on endless population growth but at some point that is going to have to change.
  32. I agree with just about everything you posted.

    The only problem is when you have open borders like most of the West does. Then the world's problems become our problems.

    Unless something changes politically we will be swamped with the world's poor. It will only stop when we are equalized with India and Africa; so poor and crowded there will be no reason to come here anymore.
  33. Here's my idea:

    Government will give you an Iphone 11 Pro in exchange for a vasectomy or tubal ligation.
  34. We already have one on your list; Abortion
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  36. Community organizers and leaders of the climate change movement need to start leading by example.
  37. Climate change is communism in camo. According to these same people we were supposed to be frozen to death, flooded and burned to a cinder already. We were supposed to have already had mass famines on a global scale, the old Population Bomb lie--Fake Science, their numbers don't add up and the only place their dire predictions happen are in their computer models-garbage in-garbage out...

    This isn't about the planet and changing the climate, we can't even if we wanted to. This is about power and control by the elite, the new Politburo if you will. If these people are so concerned about the population of the world and the climate, they can set an example and start offing themselves, we are waiting all you deeply concerned gaia worshipers.
  38. True, but not only that, 99.9% of the folks flooding-in are fleeing a Leftist-run, socialist-sh!thole country, e.g., Venezuela, ... but yet once naturalized here (even legally), the majority of them vote for candidates and elected officials (Democrats) pushing the same or similar failed politics and economic policies they previously fled.

    That's what's led some pundits and social-media commentators to conclude that Trump will be the last Republican President - because the demographic numbers have now shifted so decisively and irretrievably since the 2016 election. And that's even assuming Trump wins a comfortable re-election next year over Biden/Warren/et al.

    Whether legal or illegal, the folks who've immigrated here since 2016, and who have attained voting age and voting eligibility under the laws of their state, will overwhelmingly vote Democrat in future elections (state and federal).

    It's really just math and a matter of time at this point.

    That's why I've said in other posts, once 2024 gets here, all bets are off.
  39. Only the correct humans should remain.
  40. So how do we train people who are partaking of the poverty lifestyle to quit having kids? Aside from the fact that they (the poor) can't afford them without siphoning away tax dollars from productive and responsible people, they are the ones that are reproducing the most in the United States and abroad.
  41. You can accomplish this nearly overnight:
    Options package No. 1
    Stop funding mass feedings, ban chlorinated water, do not treat sewerage, end the chemtrails from spraying for insects, and free housing for indigents.

    Options package No. 2
    Pay for people getting fixed like in India, provide free abortions and birth control, air drop condoms on foreign countries.
  42. We will also get third world diseases as well. Nipah virus,
    Ebola, XDR and TDR tuberculosis are just a sample of what could be imported from the third world.
  43. Terminate all humans.
  44. i pretty much agree with sarge83. the Left has used every oppurtunity to gain more power. and, just like the repeated lies to impeach Trump, they continuouly make up crap to raise money and scare people. lets face it, there are far more naive, gullible, and stupid people in First World countries than clear thinking people who look for evidence to foolish claims.
  45. remember the 1976 movie Logans run ,where everyone when thy got to be 30 years old was killed ? wonder how long before scientist and liberals ,bring this up as a solution to save the planet ,of course it will worked so it wont effect them
  46. Fresh, clean air, from east to west,
    And room to go and come.
    I loved my fellow man the best
    When he was scattered some.