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Early Gen 2 Glock 17

  1. I just traded for a Gen 2 GLOCK 17 serial # KFxxx (Dec 1989) ATD has all black parts (non captured recoil spring etc) low round count. Has tupperware case and 2 u notched mags. It has the Nv and eagle markings. I traded for it to use as a truck gun. I would post photos but my safari browser does not show the upload link.
    Does anyone have any idea of its value?

  2. I paid $350.00 for mine about five years ago. Just me, but I'd clean it up and treat it as a shooter and collector piece, not a truck gun.

    Your location will sometimes have an effect on price. Some older guns are allowed in ban states where newer ones are not.
  3. +1 There are plenty of beatup gen 2 G17s out there, don't ruin a clean gen 2 G17 that many of us look for.
  4. Thanks for your input, I agree I will probably sell it. I am not really interested in collecting old Glocks.