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EAA Witness Elite Match 9mm, in SC with accessories

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I have a EAA Witness Elite Match in 9mm,

I bought it because of how great I hear they are, and it is true. It has the best trigger of any gun I have ever owned. It is more accurate than any 9mm I have owned, which included a CZ 75 SA, Beretta, Taurus 92, Glock 17 and 34, and a M&P 9. Best trigger I have lever felt.

I just got it back from EAA because the stock barrel was out of spec, and the new one looks awsome, and has 0 play in it, a perfect fit. The gun has about 200 rounds through it, new barrel has 25 put through it by me.

It has 5 -18 round mags. EAA Matches only come with 1 mag from the factory. $540 for the gun and 4 extra mags. Add $25 for shipping to your FFL

New they are $500 for the gun, plus shipping and FFL fee. Or plus tax which ever way you pay. Mags are about $25-28 new, plus shipping or what ever your dealer charges. I have $540 in the gun, plus $100 in mags.

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Update, removed the accessories, price drop.
Beautiful gun.
Would love to get this gone
Very nice! Any trades considered? I could do a FTF as I'm just down the road in Columbia.
No trades. I could meet you in Columbia, I have to head there this week on business.
What accessories were you selling it with, and what was the price with them?
the 4 extra mags as listed above. I also have a LNIB Blade Tech holster for $50, I paid $65 for.
Another go at it. Responding PM sent. :wavey:
Deal! Call you to work out details. Thanks.

dammit! if the deal doesn't go through for whatever reason, I think I'll take it off your hands..
Color this one gone gents! Thanks Brandon. Nice doing business with you. Can't wait to get it to the range. :supergrin:
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