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EAA Drozd

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For sale I have a EAA Drozd.

This is a lot of fun to shoot and it can be adjusted for how fast you want it to shoot.

It take the standard C02 powerlets you can find in Sports Authority or WalMart.

It uses .177 copper round BBs which you can find anywhere.

It comes with:

*6 AA Lithium batteries (it takes alkaline as well)
*One magazine
*A magazine loader
*A removable stock

Asking price is $50 (including priority shipping)

I take cash, check, or money order (which you can but at CVS Pharmacy as well as the Post office).

I don't take PayPal.

PM me if interested.
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Payment was sent back on Tuesday priority mail so you should get it today!

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BTW, the barrell is acutally rifled and the accuracy is ASTOUNDING if you use properly sized lead bbs. Yes, lead bb's. I love mine.
Also that is about a 1/4 of the new price.

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