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Dynamic Fuzz velcro®

  1. WWW.Dynamicfuzz.COM has a bunch of hearing protection upgrades to help your ears stay safe! Go check them out! They are also on instagram @dynamicfuzz They have Ear Fuzz for comtac, msa and a bunch of other hearing protection models. They also have camo fuzz covers and
    Dynamic Fuzz Neoprene Baffles help increase decibel reduction resulting in a quieter environment for your ears. Ensures clearer interpretation of pass through hearing and comms. The benefits are outstanding if you combine this with Ear Fuzz and Fuzz covers to experience the ultimate noise reduction your comtac II/III and msa/sordins can offer! IMG_20200121_120910_281.jpg 20200305_124125.jpg 20200305_124552.jpg 20191204_154425.jpg
  2. Soundproofing an edc?:drool: