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DWI on a lawn mower

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Honestly, while I won't post this in GNG, outside of some extraordinary circumstances, DWI on a lawn mower is BS. Personally, I believe the government needs to get out of our lives a little. Why should it be illegal to mow my lawn, on my own property, as tore up as I want to be?

But, that's just my opinion, we all have one.
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The simplest reason is the same reason your can't drive around your property in your car as drunk as you like.

You have the immediate ability to put others at risk by leaving you property (street or neighbors yard).

If you have a farm and can ride drunk in the middle of your property w/o being seen/heard by your neighbors, how are you gonna get caught?

99% of people mowing their lawn have neighbors that are adjacent to them, meaning they mow right up to the property line (thus, an impaired driver is literally riding the line).

***As I stated in my post on the thread, I don't know of any Officers that go looking long/hard at people mowing their lawn to see if they are drinking, much less drunk, but we get a mower DWI every now and again (repeat DWI offenders using it as transportation).


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As stated above only repeat offenders(DUI) or frequent flyers that just have to push the envelope get that special treatment around here.
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