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These DVDs are store bought Region 1 (USA) DVDs from my personal collection. Most were bought at Best Buy or Circuit City, and all are in excellent condition. Most (if not all) are widescreen.

BMW - The Hire
Bring Out The Dead
Charlie's Angels
Charlie's Angels Full Throttle
Dazed & Confused
Double Jeopardy
Family Man
Final Fantasy (2 Disc)
Garden State
LOTR Fellowship of the Ring (2 Disc)
Matrix Reloaded (2 Disc)
Minority Report (2 Disc)
Mission Impossible 2
Orange County
Red Dawn
Saving Silverman
School of Rock
Shallow Hal
Sixth Day
Spider Man (2 Disc)
Thirteenth Floor
Tomb Raider
You've Got Mail
8 Mile
Alias Season 3 (6 disc) - $30

SOLD-Reservoir Dogs (2 Disc)

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If you see some you like make me an or trade. I currently need a kydex holster for my G21, and would entertain all trades.

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