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DVD/CD Drivers won't load Win XP

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My (2) CD/DVD Drivers disappeared from "My Computer" this morning.

Here's what I've tryed to no avail.

In device Manager they are there, but not loaded (yellow circle with ! in the middle). Tried to update drivers, uninstalled drivers from device manager. When I re-boot they come back "yellowed out". Did a system restore. Ran Disk Doctor. Ran Registery Cleaner. Shut down the computer after each attempt. Deleted these drivers from device manager and ran "Install New Hardware - this finds the drivers again, but they are still "yellowed out"?!

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm usually pretty good with this stuff.
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Hum. Why not try uninstalling the controller that they are on? I have seen this before and I had to download something from the internet and it fixed it. I think that it was a registry fix. Have you done anything recently to the PC that may cause this?

I also recommend getting the error code by double clicking on one of the drives and seeing what it says in the device status box. Then take that error code and do a search for it.

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This typically occurs because the CD burning software has meddled with the Windows driver configuration in the Registry. Log on as an administrator, click Start, Run, type Regedit and click OK to launch the Registry Editor.

Double-click these keys to expand them -


Click Edit and File Select Keys, and unselect the other options. Copy & paste this into the textbox -


Click Find. In the right pane you should see UpperFilters and LowerFilters. Right-click each of them and click Rename, then add .disable to the value name and press click OK (changing the item's name in any way disables it).

Restart the computer. If the drives are now working, it should be safe to open the Registry Editor and delete the items you renamed (right-click and click Delete). It ^may^ be necessary to reinstall your CD-burning software if you notice a specific loss of functionality.

One more thing. When CD-burning software is installed, the CD software built into XP usually should be disabled. Click Start, My Computer, right-click the CD-RW drive and click Properties. Click the Recording tab and unselect Enable CD recording.
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