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DVD burning question

  1. I have been copying some movies to dvd and they seem to be messing up. I use Nero utra 7. The movies play well on my computer and I have tried the dvd in several devices and they all are digital choppy or freeze. Any suggestions?
  2. Unless they are a Barney movie (sorry I have kids), I usually have to remove the copy protection and shrink the movie to get it to fit on a 4.7G DVD. In most cases taking out the extra stuff will do the job. The DL DVD's can fit the whole thing, but they cost so much it is cheaper to buy the movie...

    I use DVD decrypter, DVD FAB HD decrypter and DVD shrink to make my copies...ughh I mean backups :thumbsup:

    What you are probably seeing is the copy protection in action. I don't think Nero will let you make a backup of a movie...they would be getting sued like everyone else who has released a software package.

    It takes me about an hour to do a backup...

  3. Agree.. I make movie backups with SlySoft and CloneDVD2... I watched Bourne Identity too many times that it had lines from the laser reading it too many times (same goes with my kids movies) so I had to make a copy of it so it can be played without errors.
  4. Thanks for the advice. The movies I am putting on dvd are some uuummm movies I downloaded (and paid for of course). So the copy protection would not be the issue but maybe bad compression.
  5. Check the file format, a lot of players will have problems if the original file format was .avi or mpeg4. Convert them to Mpeg or Mpeg 2 and it shouldn't be nearly as much of a problem.
  6. Are you using DVD+R or -R? Some players are picky about which you use, or so I've been told. ;)
  7. +1 to what he said.

    Also, are you running/doing a lot of stuff while you are burning your DVD's? I had a dvd drive that hated when I was doing other tasks while burning, and made coasters every time. That may also be a problem you have.

    I'm a Slysoft software fan myself (AnyDVD to rip, CloneDVD to burn)

    If you shop around you can find .99cent DL DVD's. I like to leave all the special features, etc in my movies so DL media is a must.