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    A young intern was making a morning visit in
    the maternity pre-partum ward at the local hospital.

    He stopped at the first bed and said: "What is
    the expected due date for your baby?"

    "June 8th." she answered.

    He went on to the next bed and repeated his

    "June 8th." came the reply.

    He asked the woman in the next bed the same

    Again the response was "June 8th."

    After getting the same answer seven times in
    a row, he found the next patient asleep.

    He turned to the woman he had just questioned,
    and asked: "Does Mrs. W. here also expect her
    baby to be born on June 8th?"

    "I don't know," was the reply. "You see, she didn't
    go to our company's Labor Day picnic."