Duck Hunting

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    Apr 14, 2003
    A guy was duck hunting in Alabama when the park ranger walks up,

    "Afternoon sir", the ranger says, "You got an Alabama duck hunting license"?

    "Yes I do", the redneck replies.

    The ranger picks up one of the ducks and sticks a finger up it's bum and takes a lick of his finger then says, "Sorry but this ducks from Georgia, you got a Georgia license?"

    "Yes I do sir" , the redneck says,

    So the ranger picks up another duck with the same results says, "well this duck is from Mississippi, you got a license from Mississippi?"

    "Yes I do sir" the good ole boys says.

    "Well dang son where you from?" the ranger says.

    The old boy stands up turns around, drops his drawers and says:

    "Well you tell me buddy!"