Duck hunt report

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    I just got back from a duck hunt in Northern OH. My dad and I hunted Friday morning. It was definately a bluebird day, seeming more like Arizona than Ohio.

    The hole we got drawn for was huge. Luckily it was all calf to thigh deep so we could go anywhere. There was some good cover almost in the exact center. We set out our decoys and setup there. There wasn't enough wind to blow all of the ducks off lake Erie, but quite a few still came in. We took 4 mallards and a woodie within 10 minutes of sunrise. The rest of the morning had a smaller concentration, but we ended up with 2 more mallards, another woodie and a black duck.

    We learned a few things.

    1) Robo duck rules. The holes are 1/4 mile apart. The two on either side of us had robo ducks. The second any duck saw those things they instantly turned. The woodie I took and the black duck my dad got after the morning rush were low fliers skimming across the cattails. Any high fliers checked out our spread, saw robo duck, and made straight for it. They were just about the only high flying ducks we saw that came in and set their wings.

    2) It pays to take a nap. With the time change I only only got about an hour worth of sleep before the alarm went off at 2am that morning. I was dead tired by 11am and with a comfortable spot in one of the brush clumps in the middle of the pond, I rested my eyes a bit. I woke up to my dad whispering my name. 2 mallards had come in and were about 15 yards in front of me. My dad was directly behind me in another clump of brush. I jumped them off the water and we both took one. I guess my camo was pretty good and thankfully I don't snore. ;f

    It was a great hunt. Definately worth the money and 4500 miles of traveling.
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