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    Dec 29, 2000
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    Give me a quick discription of these...? I've only just began to hear of the term and want to know what I would get if I upgraded from my Sony 707...

    In otherwords, feed me and I'll go in search of more food...;)
  2. Nicky D

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    Apr 25, 2004
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    PDog, you will get a world of difference. I actually just upgraded for the 707 myself to a Canon EOS 20D. It was the best upgrade I have ever made.The speed and versatility are unbelievable. One word of advise though, the cameras are two completely different animals! The Sony you can see basically how your picture will look prior to taking it when you are set in manual mode, with the Canon you can not do this. Also you can not use the LCD screen for taking pictures with the Canon.

    You need to sit down and decide the reasons for upgrading. I upgraded because I have a 16 month old daughter who is running around now. The Sony was just too slow to take quality shots of her, the shutter lag was just unbearable.

    Another benefit is the interchangeable lenses. You have a real zoom lense with the DSLR. No more of those zoomed out pictures that look pixelated under certain conditions.

    Now I know Sony has the 828 out now, I started looking at that but found that it was no where near what I needed or wanted. One of the main drawbacks was that it only goes to 800 ISO, I wanted faster. The long and the short of it is check DSLR's out, you won't look back.

    Check out Canon DSLR's & Photo-on-the-net

    These sites have alot of info. Also type into google for forums for the different cameras suck as Nikon. You will find quite a few sites with alot of info.

    Good luck and let us know what you go with. I warn you though, if you like taking pictures now, it will be even worse after upgrading!


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    Nov 10, 2002
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    Don't forget Nikon. ;) A lot of people seem to like the D70.