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DSA FAL sa58 .308 for sale.

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I bought this late last year and shot 20rds though it and put it in the safe.
it is " just like new"!!! it is the 16.25'' barrel with all the stuff that it came with and two 20rd metric mags.

The DSA are the best FAl's out there..
$1850. FTF? or will ship.

Pics are here,
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interested in a trade?
interested in a trade?

Might be what ya got ???
Pm me.
PM Sent
Bump!! Might trade for AImpoint optic, a very Good AR ( noveske) ect. even M1A Scout.
Bump!! still looking for a Good AR..
Any interest in a M1 Socom II?
Im really looking for a "good" AR now.
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