Dry Firing and General Questions

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    Hello Everyone -

    My glock 17 is my first gun I ever bought. With months of research and asking a lot of questions, I decided to buy one. I'm not the least bit dissappointed! The gun shoots smooth and it feels good in my hands. I'll probably buy the compact version (19) next time. I wouldn't even think about buying another brand...

    I was luck enough to find one used for about $450 and it came with a 17 round clip. I felt it was a good deal.

    Here are my questions:

    1. It's a generation 1 glock. What's the difference between the first generation and the latest one besides the grip?
    2. I'm practicing with the gun by dry firing it. Is it bad for it?
    3. The gun is basically clean. How often should I clean it?
    4. I've heard that a 9MM round doesn't have stopping power. I think
    the people that told me that doesn't really know what they're talking about...a bullet is a bullet. Are they right?

    Anyway, I'm happy to find a site where there's a lot of glock enthusiasts out there. Count me in as a lifetime 'glocker'

    Thank you
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    Might try this topic in the General Glocking section.

    1.Mostly grips; try a Search on the User: Butch; he has posted some very nice photos showing each generation.

    2.Dry fire is good and OK.

    3.Clean as you use it if possible; if you miss once--no big deal.

    4.9mm if fine; specially in the +P Gold Dots or ProLoad.

    Check out the many sections...