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Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, Jun 3, 2009.

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    A Man comes home blind drunk, yet again. His wife, sick of his constant drunken state, makes it quite clear if he comes home drunk once more she'll leave him. However, the next day unable to turn down the opportunity of a good time he leaves for the pub. After several hours downing pint after pint he spurts vomit all down himself.Panicking he looks to some of the fellas round the bar for help, one said you could just say someone else vomited over you and slip a $20 in your top pocket and say that he gave it to you for the dry cleaning bill. Agreeing with the idea he slips the $20 note into his top pocket and heads home, sobering up slightly as he does, upon opening the front door he see's his wife standing waiting for him. She shouts every bit of abuse she can think at him before he interrupts her, 'You don't understand...this is someone Else's sick...see heres a 20 for the dry-cleaners bill' he says pulling out the contents of his top pocket. humbled his wife sighs before asking why he has two $20 notes, 'Oh' he replies 'that's from the man who crapped in my pants'.