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After waiting since before Thanksgiving for LWD to get their trigger assemblies “on hand” they have announced that they now offer an adjustable trigger without the trigger bar. Because I wasn’t sure if the trigger bar has been modified with the relocation of the bar to trigger mounting point, I ordered the trigger only.

From the very start, my complaint with the factory trigger has been the razor like trigger safety, but it did go along well with what has to be the poorest sights on any handgun in the industry. As for adjustment I never intended to put the trigger on “the edge” of releasing the striker assembly. Set screw was turned in enough to secure the set screw itself and not to take up any trigger slack. Way too many reports of AD’s due to over adjustments! (as in one pull=two shots!) As for reset, years ago I ordered LWD adjustable trigger housing, so that feature of the new trigger was not needed.

Went to the range yesterday afternoon only to get rained out! Put ten rounds of delta precision 124 grain FMJ using Auto Comp to push them-very favorable results! Rain came in before I got a chance to run that combination over the screens, should be in the 1100+ FPS range. AOL was set at 1.165 so I can speed them up by adding powder or shorting the round. Group looked good enough to keep the AOL and add a few grains-if needed.

In that very short “test session” the new trigger did exactly what I was expecting! Very well made addition to their lineup of glock parts. Well worth the cost, I would buy it again.

LWD adjustable trigger has resolved my trigger issues for one third the cost of what their competitors are offering!
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