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    Have you ever wondered how the female mind works as compared to the male mind? Yes Male mindes are simple.


    80....(SF)....just after the weight station near
    cordelia(i think) will be an exit for 14...Sonoma and
    Napa....take it.....follow it all the way thru.....till
    you end up in fairfield...there is a signal next to...a
    Beer joint i think it is....i don't know...but you merge
    to the right which turns into a lil 2 lane freeway
    dealy....go thru the signal...go over the bridge thing....
    then when you get to the next signal....make a left to go to
    death vally....you'll be on Carneros Hwy....then you will
    come to a sort of dead end with a blinking red light....turn
    right....the road will give you a choice to go straight or
    veer right.....VEER RIGHT. stay on this road till you
    see a buncha power stuff...ya know, those big metal
    thingamajigs....there will be a stop sign...you can either
    go straight or turn right on Lincoln ...well...turn right..
    ..follow that to the end....its kinda a long way....you will
    hit old bluewood hwy....turn right on old bluewood.....follow
    it down...past the 8ball (a bar that will show up on the
    right) which is in cotati....stay on this road and just get
    on the freeway....you will pass an exit....then just get off
    at Wilfred Ave....just off the offramp there is a signal....turn
    left...then go straight thru the next one and under the
    overpass....go straight.....you will see pep boys straight in
    front of you. you can chill there if you want or go to wal mart
    which you can't miss....it's in the same parking lot with
    home depot and arby's

    80 West
    Exit 14
    Exit 121 (Left at Light)
    Exit 116 (Veer right)
    RT Lincoln Road
    RT Old bluewood
    RT Myrtle
    RT Lancster
    RT Lassen St

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    Apr 25, 2002
    The florist call with a flower delivery for my daughter.
    Wife gives directions:
    Well, the street that both railroads cross , the one that goes plumb up to the lake. Go like you're gonna go to the lake, but not that far. There is a big housing addition on your right, but we don't live there (and there are four housing additions between my house and town, all on the right) go to the corner, then we are, let's see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, yea ok, the seventh house on the left side of the road, there are two houses that are side by side, we are in the big one.
    My directions:
    4 1/2 miles North on Oowala Road, 16800, number is on sign by drive way, only frickin house on your left!

    And we've lived here for only 33 years!;Q ;P :)
    But ya gotta love 'em!