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Driver (with permit) Flashes Gun at Another Driver

  1. Side note: I'm surprised I beat TheeBadOne to this! :tongueout: As if he'd care, though.


    One driver flashes loaded gun at
    another in St. Cloud

    One motorist is now in jail after the
    conflict on a busy street.

    Star Tribune

    Last update: February 17, 2010 - 7:26 PM

    A motorist flashed his headlights after being
    cut off on a busy St. Cloud street, prompting
    the other driver to flash a loaded handgun in
    an act that led to his arrest, according to

    The person arrested, a 30-year-old man
    from Little Falls, was jailed Tuesday and later
    released pending possible charges. Police
    said he has no criminal history.

    The suspect has a permit to carry his weapon
    in public, said police Sgt. Martin Sayre.

    According to police:

    The 30-year-old, driving an SUV, cut off the
    other driver, a 38-year-old St. Cloud man,
    shortly before 6 p.m. on Division Street near
    12th Avenue. The second motorist reacted
    by flashing his headlights and honking at the
    SUV driver. As the two vehicles headed west
    on Division, the SUV driver brandished a
    handgun, making sure the other motorist
    saw it.

    "The victim reported being in fear for his life
    and notified police," read a statement from St.
    Cloud police.

    Officers pulled over the suspect and arrested
    him. A loaded gun and his weapon permit
    were found in the vehicle.

    Of course my girlfriends parents, who do not like guns, pointed this out. They don't know I carry (there's no reason for them to).

    Thanks for the counter-productive arrest, a-hole. Thanks for giving people a tiny tiny bit more ammo (pun intended) against permit holders. It's like the CIA: you never hear about people just regularly carrying, and hardly do you hear about the affect it has on crime. If someone gets arrested and they have a permit, though (no matter what they're arrested for), it's HEADLINES.
  2. What an idiot,......say goodbye to a CCP, FOREVER!
  3. faawrenchbndr
    Agreed +1000!:supergrin:
  4. This is very very unusual. In MN you will almost never hear of this (the Police mentioning someone having a carry permit).

    Carry Permit info is private data, and usually can only be brought up by the person with the permit.

    The vast majority of (MN) permit holders who do get in trouble, you never see/read about their permit because of that.

    I'm not saying the Sgt "broke the law", but just passing on my my experience with what I've seen and how private the info on Carry Permits is routinely handled.

  5. bad move on his part flashing a gun. yea I know, it sucks having an angry driver chase you but you just gotta think or hope he tries to fight you at a red light.

    I've heard of many of these cases where a gun is shown as a "back the [email protected]#$ off" message to road rage and i haven't heard of one ending well for the gun owner. If I feel threatened I'll put the gun under my leg so I can grab it faster but not have it visible but that's as far as I'll go. I make sure to NEVER raise my weapon to window level, even while securing it (damn malls don't allow guns.)
  6. Road rage is a hell of a thing...
  7. Yanking this guy's CCW might just keep him from doing something even dumber later on.
  8. That will be up to the Sheriff, and if yanked, the man has the right to an appeal hearing.
  9. The gun owner sounds like an inconsiderate, bad driver...which should be an arrestable offense anyway.
  10. A stupid case of road rage that makes the CCP cause look bad.
  11. Interesting... he was released without charges. Sounds like there may be more to this story... like he was defending himself? One can only hope. :)
  12. Doesn't necessarily mean that.

    Once in jail, there are rules governing the amount of time the Prosecution has to bring charges. The charges MUST be filed in that time or the suspect walks.

    Releasing the suspect prior to that time limit allows more investigative time, especially if gathering information/research on additional charges that may apply.
  13. I once had a guy flash his gun at me. I was tailgating and he couldn't get me to back off, so he waved a pistol with the muzzle pointed up from side to side, I could see it thru the back glass of his pickup truck. I did not feel threatened at the time, it was clear to me a warning to back off.

    Since I was stupid in my early 20s and this was somewhere on a back road in AL near GA, I got scared and I backed off but I didn't report it (me and a friend were in the car, we laugh about it later). Back when there were no cellphones, I get the impression this might have happened quite a bit.
  14. Please, because I would love to shoot him. WAIT, on second thought...

    In regards to permit info being private: thus far they have not arrested him, therefore a name hasn't been released, therefore his status as a permit holder is still private. I see your point, though, and I didn't know that's why they didn't mention that so-and-so had a carry permit. Interesting!

    Other than brandishing, what can they get this guy for that he couldn't just plead dumb to?
  15. Perhaps...but that wasn't the point of my post. My intended communication was...Someone who waves a weapon at another person while both are traveling in vehicles is not demonstrating rational behavior and shouldn't be carrying a gun. I can't think of any situation that would justify this behavior.
  16. I'd wait to see how this really pans out. The Lib Trib isn't exactly un-biased toward gun owners, and they may have meant permit to purchase, not carry.
  17. Wow, I just read some of the MN gun laws. My wife is from the St. Cloud area and wants to move back to MN when I am done in the military. I didn't know MN was so... restrictive.
  18. It's much more lax than certain states. It's no Texas, mind you, but I'd say it's pretty gun friendly. Then again I don't know the laws of other states.

    I like to think that MN gives the benefit of the doubt to permit holders in the laws. Like the law on signs banning guns in premises (pl): must be 187 cm on each side with white backround and black text. Placed at eye level. If not, it is an invalid sign.

    Things like that, and that they changed the law recently to from a duty-to-retreat to a law where there's no requirement to retreat before you shoot.
  19. Amen!
  20. Possible but not probable, IMO. You have a complainant that says someone waved a gun at him and he was in fear for his life. Suspect is stopped, arrested, and evidence was obtained to support the complaint. It doesn't get any better than that. Suspect was booked, questioned, and released pending future charges... they let him go. Highly unusual given the slam dunk circumstances. A more plausible explanation is the guy presented a compelling self defense story which cast doubt on who the bad guy really was. Sorry, not ready to put this one in the CCW loser column just yet.
  21. or the victim didn't press charges.
  22. If convicted the piss ant shouldn't be allowed own an air gun.
  23. we continue to hear or see these type of things happen on a regular basis. In fact here in Tx our first test after chl was allowed involved a road rage incident. The aggressor got out of his car at a light, walked back to the victims car and reached in and tried to beat the daylights out of him. The victim grabbed his weapon and shot the aggressor on the spot. The victim was not charged (gotta love Tx) and released.

    So glad that the castle doctrine in Tx extended to cars for those that do not have chl.

    Moral of the story - if you are going to waive make sure its just a finger lol
  24. Good point. Both may have been guilty of assult and they agreed not to file against each other. That happens quite often.
  25. He didn't try and beat the daylights out of him he did beat him pretty good.They did arrest the shooter and he was indited and acquitted.
  26. You Sir are ill informed.

    MN does NOT have a "Stand your ground law" You still have a duty to retreat when possible. We do have a Castle doctrine that is effective within the confines of your home's walls though.

    Texas whoops most other states when it comes to "Stand Your Ground" law's and their "castle doctrine" is second to none. However the restrictions on carry in Texas suck. For example in Tx, if you print, can loose your permit. Not so in MN, we allow open carry on a permit, where as Tx does not allow for OC with a handgun.

    As far as signage goes, it's really a moot point since the signs carry no weight of law. However if you're going to bring it up, you may as well post the real facts, such as the sign must be 187 square INCHES and placed no lower than 4' and no higher than 6' and within 4' laterally of all enterances. The sign must also use arial font of at leat 1.5" in height in a contrasting back round, so in other words, black letters, white back round.

    I'd love to know where you got your instruction from, and where you're keeping up on the laws. Please send me a PM.
  27. Psgwsp
  28. Such Drama Queens, drivers these days.

    Whatever happened to just flippin' the bird?