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Downside of lasers

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I am wondering if there is a downside of a laser on a handgun for SD? The marketing is great and they seem to make sense but I never see them at the range, SD courses, and no area PDs seem to use them (maybe for entry teams). My wife has a CT on her Airweight and G26 and they seem to work good for her. For me Laserguard on the G26 doesn't feel good to me as my hand can't choke up the grip like I want with the piece under the trigger guard.
I had the CT Laser Grip on my G17 but I couldn't get use to a new index finger placement. I would always block the laser with my fat finger on the frame.
I just think they are not for me. Shooting for the last fifty years with sights I am better with sights.
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Like all popular accessories, they have pros and cons. Pros: very good for night shooting when you can see well enough to ID the target but not well enough to see the sights. Aiming option when injured arms can't lift gun to line of sight, or when you have become visually impaired to some degree in the course of the fight. Very useful in a number of training applications.

Downside: can be slower, and as you noted, some units change grasping characteristics. Intimidation effect is there to a degree but probably overrated. Battery dependent.

Your call, bro. They're best used as an adjunct than as a Plan A upon which we can become too dependent.

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Thanks Mas. I have too many years behind iron sights and too late in the game to change so I'm going to pass on the lasers. All of my sights have tritium sights.
I will leave them on my wife's guns, she likes them.
Thanks again.
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