Down on the Farm

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    Amy, a city girl, marries a farmer. One morning, before he goes out to the
    fields, the farmer says to her,"The artificial insemination man is coming to
    impregnate one of our cows today. I drove a big nail into the two-by-four
    over the cow's stall. You show him where it is." The farmer leaves, and a
    while later, the artificial insemination man arrives. Amy takes him down the
    rows of cows until she sees the nail.
    She says, "This is the one, right here."
    The man says, "How do you know?"
    Amy says, "By the nail over its stall."
    The man says, "What's the nail for?"
    Amy says, "I guess it's to hang your pants on."
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    Good one, Ronny!

    If I may continue with the barnyard theme... *ahem*

    An old farmer got up one morning to go milk his cow. He sat his pail underneath the cow, and as he was taking a seat on the milking stool, the cow's left leg kicked the bucket over.
    The farmer picked up the bucket and sat it back underneath the cow. He started milking her, but shortly she kicked the bucket over again with her right leg.
    The farmer, who was a little annoyed by this point, grabbed some nearby rope and tied the cows legs to the sides of her stall.
    He then proceeded to milk her, and the pail stayed in place.
    While he was milking, the cow's tail swatted the hat off of his head.
    He put it back on, only to have it swatted off again.
    Fed up with the cow's antics, and not having any more rope, he took off his belt, walked behind the cow, and tied her tail to an overhead board.
    Just as he'd finished securing the tail with his belt, his pants fell down and his wife walked up...