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DoubleTap Ammo Too Hot for G30?

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I was looking at DoubleTap ammo - they seem to have the hottest loadings in everything. I came across this one:

.45 ACP
185gr. Nosler bullet
1225fps out of a 5" 1911 barrel

Do you think this is safe and reliable ammo out of my Glock 30 or out of a Glock 21? I know the chambers on cartridges like .40 are being supported better in later-model Glocks, but how about this?

BTW DoubleTap claims this ammo isn't "+p" rated...
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My experience with my G30 is that it really like standard pressure rounds.
It's fine.

I shoot DT's out of my 30SF no problem. I do have an increased power spring and steel guide rod, but I don't think they are as necessary on the .45 as they are on the 40.
As with most ammo manufacturers, you should always use your chronograph to check the "numbers." Then you can make a judgment whether the ammo is too hot for your particular gun.
That G30 can handle more DT than you can ever afford to buy....:supergrin:
Others have found DT numbers to be higher than what they chrono one their own. Buffalo Bore sells some hot ammo that I'd bet is just as hot if not hotter.(Actual numbers, not claimed)
I shot 45 Super in the 30 I had with no ill effects on the gun.
There have been numerous posts in the 10 ring and caliber corner about Double Tap's loads not being as fast as they are advertised to be. Not to mention people ordering Gold Dots and getting montana gold crap instead and very spotty customer service. :whistling: I personally will stick with Reed's Georgia arms and swampfox.
The first time I ever shot BB was their .45 230+P. I had rented an H&K 45 Compact at the range and had no 45 ACP ammo with me at the time-only 9mm so, they gave me a box of BB. I don't know how it would shoot in the G30 but can attest that in the HK it was a screamer and I was happy when the box was empty. I don't intend on shooting it in my current G30SF.
Ammo companies have to meet Saami pressure specs in order to be labled +P. Likely DT marks their +P as required. Like others have said,your 30SF can handle more DT than most of us can afford. Its the precevied harsh recoil that others experience. Can be worse from a 30SF's short barrel. My .02 cents
not safe.. after all it is a glock...LOL..
i would avoid double tap. i was a fairly regular customer until last year when they really tarnished their name with the use of montana gold bullets and lying about the grain of the bullet they used. i ordered self denense ammo from them in 200g and recieved a box marked that but the problem was it was a 180g montana gold bullet.
really ... who cares... get some 45 ammo and be done with it... better wrrry about the ammo in my 45 after all I have a 1 in 10 million chance of needing it... Oh, and capacity too because 1 guy in 3 billion needed more than 3 rounds in a self defense situation...
My Glock 36 handles the DT 230 grain TMJ just fine. The Glock 30 is thicker and heavier so it should be fairly easy on the gun. The DT is loaded just under +P. While it may not be running as hot in your gun as advertised I can tell you that for me every DT loading I have shot has been hotter than standard factory loads. Keith loads in the 45 Colt and 44 Magnum, 200 grain FMJ's in the 10mm, 158 grain 357 Magnum, 158 grain 38 Special +P, as well as one of my favorite ball loads the 230 grain TMJ in the 45 acp. MG makes a great FMJ bullet by the way.
So far I have not had any problems with shooting their .357 SIG or .40 ammo in a G22.
Go on over to buffalo bore, DT ammo has chronoed quite a bit slower than what they advertise.
I can't really speak for Double Tap's lighter bullets but their 230gr Gold Dot loads is BY FAR my favorite load in my G30. It does 860 fps with perfect control. BTW, it did 890 fps in my G21. As others have said, Double Tap was pretty sleazy in changing out to lesser bullets and not mentioning it. How can an ammo maker expect consumers to trust 'em if major changes are made on a buyer beware basis? I've had the same issue with Buffalo Bore.

The Buffalo Bore 230gr +P really did get 940 fps in my G21 (not tested in the G30) boy is it a hot load. Much more than I wanted. I have fired some other brands as well. My favorite is the Double Tap 230gr Gold Dot load. Hope they bring it back some day. I may just switch to the Speer load and be done with it though.
DT does load the 230 grain Remington Golden Saber so that may be worth trying since they do not list the Gold Dot load. Must not be able to get the Speer bullets.
Shot a boatload of DT 10mm and .45ACP out of the G30 and G29 and had no issues.
DT does load the 230 grain Remington Golden Saber so that may be worth trying since they do not list the Gold Dot load. Must not be able to get the Speer bullets.
Hey Hiker, Thanks for the heads up. I was not aware that was a Golden Saber bullet. I have shot and chrono'd the 230gr Golden Saber Remington factory loads and they were pretty dismal over the chrono... but I love the bullets. I've handloaded lots of them in 9mm and 45 acp with very good results. If Double Tap has done with the Golden Saber what they did with the 230gr Gold Dot then they have an awesome for my G30 and G21. Thanks again for the good news!
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