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Double Tap 155 grain Gold Dots

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I had about 60 of these left over from about 5 or so years ago. I shot a few group's and ran them over the chrono for the heck of it.

5 rounds at 12.5 yards from a rest 1.90", 3 into .55"
8 rounds at 12.5 yards from a rest 2.25", 6 into 1.75"

5 rounds at 12.5 yards offhand, 1.85", 3 into .60"


12 feet from screen
Elevation 7200 foot

Average: 1362 fps from a 4.25" barrel.

Box flap 1475 fps from a 4.6" barrel.

Overall impression, nice load, accurate, moderate recoil. Hit's point of aim.
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i little over .25" (1/4") of bbl difference equals over 100 fps drop in velocity?!
The ammo has been stored in a cool, dry Colorado basement, temperature probably never moves more then a couple of degrees year round.

I will say D.T. ammo has been accurate for me and most always functions in my guns. And at the price I paid for top quality components I won't complain.

I did have some trouble with one of his early BTB 200 gr. WFNGC loads way back when, but other then that and some really wide spreads with some 135's it's been a good experience dealing with D.T. in the past.

I'm not so impressed with some recent 200 gr. WFNGC, about 5%-10% of the bullets looked like chunks of lead had been glued together. So for now I'm using Beartooth.

It's difficult for me to come down too hard on Double Tap, since Mike really helped getting the 10mm off the ground as well as getting this Forum going.

I didn't realize how good we have it over here on the 10 Ring/Reloader section until I started loading for .44 Magnum, fine old cartridge which has been around forever, but finding good data, especially for 250-300 grain hard cast loads is really a PIA.

That said, overall Double Tap makes some good products and advertised velocities that come closer to real world results would just be a big plus in my opinion.

Personally I really don't care to run on the edge with any cartridge and don't think 1362 fps for a 155 grain from my 4.25" is too bad, probably just about where I'd load it if I were to make some up.

Just tell me it's 1350 fps and not 1475 fps.
and theres the rub........
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