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Double Diamond Barrels?

  1. I currently have a Glock 20sf and was going to get a stainless barrel for it. I was looking at the KKM barrels but recently discovered Double Diamond on the glockstore. Has anyone had experience with Double Diamond? Reasons for one over the other?
  2. My honest and humble suggestion is kkm over the double diamond. I just find anything that lenny mc gill sells crappy quality. Just look at the ss80 drama. Stick with docent companies. Granted glockstore as been around for a while but I dont get a good vibe with the double diamond stuff stick with kkm and other well known and respected companies. This is my two cents no vendetta against glockstore at all.

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  3. I appreciate it. Iv heard nothing but good about KKM barrels and absolutly nothing on double diamond.... yet....
  4. Just look on you tube and see it's like everything that he peddles is for sure going to make u a better shooter lol. Plus I feel he way over charges on stuff big time. You might wanna also check out lone wolf. I am thinking about getting one of their barrels for my 20 in the future but we shall see.

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  5. Any particular reason other than being shiny?
    Docent = a person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis, in a museum, art gallery, or zoo.

    Which such companies make Glock barrels? :)
  6. Iv heard that they're than stock barrel better for hard cast rounds
  7. Decent*

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  8. Your right they are perfect for hard cast rounds

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  9. I have run a 10mm conversion by DD for my early G.30 without any problems.
    Really didn't see any improvements in accuracy, but it dropped right in and worked.
    Wasn't expecting much more for a $99.00 barrel..
  10. please enlighten me...I'm not aware of this "drama" of which you speak
  11. I have a KKM in my G20SF and it has been great in every way. I have a 40-9 KKM conversion barrel and it is also perfectly reliable.
  12. I have a stainless .40 S&W
    DD barrel for my G31. I've only shot 100 rounds through it. My initial impression was not good. Wildly inaccurate and didn't want to feed with the .357 Sig mags. This was with the 180g Blazer Brass black pack ammo. I need to get back to the range and bring both barrels to insure it's not anything to do with the gun. I don't remember having any issues with the .357 Sig ammo and factory barrel.
  13. Same response from me as I gave for the Wheaton query. I am not familiar with this brand, but my KKM in my Gen3 G20sf works perfectly. I would choose the reputable brand (KKM) unless a compelling argument exists that would dictate otherwise. If you happen to get either of the lesser-known barrels, please post back and let us know what you learn.
  14. No drop in barrel will be anymore accurate than the OEM. If you want to improve your accuracy, get an over sized barrel and have a gunsmith hand fit it. Then finish chamber ream the barrel to your exact hand load. If you just want to shoot lead, because cut rifling SS barrels clean up much easier, then get a Lone Wolf.
  15. Didn't you just post the same thing about KKM vs. Wheaton Arms?

    Are you asking these questions for some reason, like trying to generate publicity for KKM, or does "should I choose an unknown brand over one of the top brands we all know?" make sense to you?

    Yet what? If it's a serious question, it's a pretty dumb one. "Should I pay more for an unknown company's barrel than for a well-known KKM, just because some retailer said it looks cool?"
  16. Having to drill out a part of the kit and people were complaining about it I dont remember much about it.

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  17. I have a Double Diamond 40/9 conversion in my 23. Works just fine.
  18. As I stated in the other thread asking the same, kkm all the way, they also have a .mil discount program.
  19. +1..the DD conversion barrel in my 22 works well too