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  1. I stared down my life, past, present, and future - thanks to The Endless Doomscroller.

    You may not call it doomscrolling, but if you own a smartphone, you’ve probably done it. It’s when you turn off the TV news and optimistically escape to bed with a book, then wonder what the case count was in your city yesterday, so you Google the New York Times tracker, and then you notice the latest tweets and get sucked into the app, and then suddenly you realize it’s 3 in the morning.

    Grosser told Gizmodo that he published the work in mid-July after finding himself compulsively navigating through bad news late at night during the pandemic.

    “But my doomscrolling isn’t just a natural reaction to the news of the day - it’s the predictable outcome of a perfect yet evil marriage between a populace stuck online, social media interfaces designed to game and hold our attention, and the realities of this existential global crisis.”

    Grosser said he drew primarily from r/coronavirus, r/politics, Twitter, Facebook, The New York Times, and The Washington Post..............

  2. Thankfully I’ve avoided that Affliction.
  3. You definitely have to learn to pick and choose what you allow yourself to get bogged down by. To me, it’s like the 92% negative coverage of Trump by the media. Times X 100!!
  4. I get sucked into youtube videos on building things, good interviews, good scenery.
  5. My flip phone has only two basic functions: Hello, and Goodbye. It doesn't text, it doesn't scroll, it doesn't take pictures. It's just a phone, it's not an electronic leash.

    I do spend more time than I should on the computer though. I used to have a sign on it that said,
    "El Chupatiempo" Which means, "The Timesucker"
  6. Look at the time stamps of every post above and including mine.

    Yes, we're Doomscrolling.

    Going to remember the word, it's a good one for bad ju ju.

    And now I'm going back to bed.
  7. I won’t sign onto GT before 6 AM.

    so, no doomscrolling for me!:couch:
  8. I see this Doomscrolling as the first stage of grief.

    I'm a firm believer in we as a society are screwed...ten years or 100 those ads they tried to sell us in the 50's with flying cars in everyone's garage, underwater cities and moon bases are pipe dreams.

    I'm at acceptance and live life accordingly. I walk/hunt my dogs (yes a pug will hunt) every day, spend time with the wife, look for any excuse to meet up with friends and family and enjoy an occasional Cohiba.
  9. Why would you go to NYT looking for news...?

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  10. What are these “ smartphone “ and “ flip phone “ devices y’all speak of ?


    I walked around with a talking brick on my hip for thirty odd years - that’s enough for me.
  11. Two favorites:

    Experts Say Future Is Uncertain

    Experts Contradict Each Other
  12. Yet you obviously have something on which to Internet. It's the same thing just on a different device. Just like GT is much like Facebook, just a different look and feel...it's all "social media" but some refuse to acknowledge it. Why? I have no clue. I guess they believe it impacts their manhood or something.
  13. I do have a computer. Actually my first was an Altair 8800 and my second was a TRS-80.


    No one calls me on my computer. If people want to message me, they have to do it on an answering machine.
  14. Well the society of the world is reformatting itself. The new world won't be much different, the losers will still demand free stuff and will riot if they don't get it. The rich will remain rich, the middle class will start to drain away.
  15. Once you realize that virtually all “news” is just deceptive selective editing to push a narrative (usually fear), it’s quite easy to tune out.
  16. When did that happen, I wonder. I mean when I was a kid truthful journalism was still a real thing for the most part.
  17. Art imitates life.

    " Ace in the Hole " with Kirk Douglas in 1951.


    Charles Tatum, a down-on-his-luck reporter, takes a job with a small New Mexico newspaper. The job is pretty boring until he finds a man trapped in an old Indian dwelling. He jumps at the chance to make a name for himself by taking over and prolonging the rescue effort, and feeding stories to major newspapers. He creates a national media sensation and milks it for all it is worth - until things go terribly wrong
  18. It has been going on since forever, I suspect. News outlets get paid for views, so it’s in their interest to sensationalize.
  19. I do it here too, or go down to the political discussions, get all riled up and PO'ed- you have to detach and read a good book, go fix something, go talk to your dying mother (yeah, its the same endlessly repeated story, but it will be over soon) - This 24/7 crap is what is really killing us as a nation-
  20. Sign on? I've never signed off.