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Don't shoot Gen 1 G17??

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A gun shop owner told me a few days ago that Glock has issued a notice that Gen 1 guns (or specifically, the G17) should not be fired. He stated it was because of brittleness of the polymer frame for that aged gun.

Anyone heard of this?

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Never heard of this until now.

Me dad still uses his 1st gen Glock 17.

Never heard anyone having problems with the H&K VP-70Z and those plastic framed pistols have been around a decade longer than the 1st gen Glock 17.
I think "A GUN SHOP OWNER TOLD ME" probably sums it up as a rumor.:upeyes:
Sounds like utter nonsense. Funny how gun shops are one of the greatest generators of misinformation.
A gun shop owner told me
I stopped reading right here.

If it will make you feel better, call Glock and ask.
I've found that a lot of gun shop employees just don't have as much knowledge as they should, and generally spread things along to their customers that is just utter B.S. If you feel the need to inquire on this further, call GLOCK, they have excellent customer service.
Bull Hockey! I shoot my 1988 G17L at least once a month.
lol....did he try to sell you something with some new, fresh polymere?:rofl:
They want you to buy a new gun from them !!!!!!!!!
Yeah, not likely that guy will ever get a dollar of my gun money. My G17 shoots as sweet as the day I bought it, 20 years ago. Just new to posting on GT, so I figured I'd get some feedback.

Thanks for the comments.
just a sales pitch. "ooo dont shoot those old ones, come in and well set u up with a brand new one!" see where he was getting at
Glock's were designed with disposable polymer frames that have a shelf life of exactly 20 years. Shooting them after that time will cause the pignose to turn backwards and shoot you in the face.

You need to buy a new Sig or XD, they don't have this problem. :whistling:
Glock's were designed with disposable polymer frames that have a shelf life of exactly 20 years. Shooting them after that time will cause the pignose to turn backwards and shoot you in the face.
Not exactly. Honestly, it's surprising how rumors get started these days.

Old Glock frames get weak over time, and the front droops down so far that eventually they drag the barrel and slide with it, causing you to shoot yourself in the foot. Note that when these accidents occur, Glock spends millions of dollars in hush money, and have them reported as holster-related Negligent Discharges.

The pignose was Glock's way of solving the problem without letting anybody know the problem ever existed. The upward turn of the nose counteracts any possible droop that may develop as the frame gets weaker.

If Glock claims the problem doesn't exist, why did they fix it? It's all a massive conspiracy coverup.
poo I say...
The drooping nose is actually caused by the weight of powder residue, (soot) that accumulates arround the gun muzzle. I actually store my glocks in the crotch of a tree to keep the droop to a minimum.

The "brittle" glock is actually caused from the sub-atomic particles sloshing around in the polymer matrix. This causes cavitation of the particles and subjects the frame to
g-shock much like the watch it describes. The "half-life of the cavitating particles is about 10 years. After that your time is up. Ka-flewy, no more frame.

Scientific preliminary testing shows minor hope; Store your glock inside of a worn out car tire. Concealed carry types are not interested in this, as they, by and large use a "particle cavitation canceler" similar to soap and water. Besides, they dont like the extra bulk associated with the tire.

"The More You Know"
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It's true. That old brittle plastic will turn to dust in your hands when you fire the first shot. It's completely useless. :upeyes:
Tell ya what, any of you guys who are scared, send me your glocks and I'll test them for you in my state-of-the-art facility and let you know which ones are safe to shoot and which ones aren't. Safe guns will be returned. Don't hold out hope that yours will be one of the ones to be returned ;)
Damn wish I had read this thread a few hours ago. I put around 100 lead re loads thru my 1st gen glock 17 just this afternoon. I just did not know how lucky i was .
I have seen a few early Glocks with frames that have started to deteriorate around the magwell.
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