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Don't Lock Your Car...You Might Be Fined...

  1. New rule: if you fail to lock your vehicle and it gets prowled or stolen, don't waste the PD's time in filing a criminal report.
  2. Prove it was unlocked.
    The thief says it wasn't? Well if he is so honest and trustworthy, why did he steal the car?
  3. Typically, the lack of forced entry is proof it wasn't locked. Any time my car was broken into, it was obvious it was locked, since they tried to force the lock or break a window.
  4. Good. Police have bigger things to worry about than doing a zillion police reports on stuff out of unlocked cars being stolen.
  5. I guess the clowns who make these Philly suburb laws don't know that a good car thief will only be slowed down about one minute by locked doors.

    But other areas as well have made laws that punish the victim of crimes because they cant stop the criminals.

    "You cant fix stupid"
  6. But lacking proof otherwise....it would be like saying you couldn't have been harassed because you don't have physical evidence (think phone calls).
    Both times my car has been broken into, it was forcible. Once through a window and once teh popped the lock out and tried to get in that way.
  7. This reporter says otherwise.
  8. Then I can safely assume you locked the car, since most thieves try the door before breaking into the car. If stuff is stolen with no other obvious means of entry(broken lock, broken window, ect), it can be assumed the car was left UNlocked.
  9. That is, currently, a matter of whether or not a thief has the resources or the time. It's possible to analyze the signal sent by a key fob, figure out what the key is, and then send a signal to unlock the car.

    Of course, for the purposes of most thieves wanting to steal stuff in the car, it's much cheaper and quicker to break a window - so it's not very likely anyone is going to actually lock their doors and then have it look like there was no forced entry.
  10. A better plan is shoot car thieves on sight.
  11. Funny how the limp wristed gay reporter couldnt pull it off, but the beer bellied old guy got the window open in 3 seconds.

  12. Thread title fail.
  13. QuiteTheFact. Should have been a comma in there instead of the ...
  14. The way I read this, it's attempting to address theft from vehicles rather than theft of vehicles. Our city, which is full of restaurants, retail strip centers, and a large mall, suffers from a ton of vehicle burglaries. I've long advocated making a city ordinance against leaving valuable belongings in plain view in a vehicle. Almost all of the reports we take for this are for GPS units left on the windshield, purses left on the seat, laptops left in the floor, and other similar situations. These vehicle burglars are incredibly lazy. It's rare that we take a report for something stolen from a glove box or center console. The bad guys only break into the cars where they can clearly see the item.

    Since it takes no time at all to break a window and grab a readily visible item, it's very difficult to catch these guys. As much as it sucks, the only way to curb the problem is to punish the people too forgetful, lazy, or unconcerned to hide their valuables.
  15. It's all about revenue, they've just figured out a new way of making the city/county/state money.
  16. So should it be illegal for women to walk the streets as women, cause they might entice rapists.....

    Again, it's punishing the THING, not the perpetrator.
    Because you didn't lock your car, you are condoning theft; Because you carry a gun, you condone gun violence.
  17. Hmmm... what if you have a Jeep with no top or doors?
  18. Hmmm.. I wonder what other crimes we can punish the victims for?
  19. The cost of the window usally outweighs what was stolen.

    These type thefts are usually crimes of opportunity. A thug(let) sees a purse or iPod or somesuch left in open sight and snatches it. Breaking a window might draw more attention, so locking a door might make sense.

    My mother put her purse in the trunk; someone was watching, broke the window, pulled teh back seat and took the purse from the trunk. That was planned, not opportunistic.

    Don't leave valuables in the open in your car, simple.
  20. Just because my car is unlocked does not make my stuff yours to take!
  21. You vil be forcibly moteevated to buy ze top anz ze doors.
  22. When my truck was broken into, all the doors were locked except the right passenger door. The cop said it was "probably" slim-jimmed because all the other doors were locked and there was no signs of forced entry. I always use the clicker which opens and close all the doors at the same time and no one had even opened any of the other doors that week.

    So it is possible to get into a car fairly easy without any signs of force if you know what you are doing. They hit my neighborhood and the cop said all the car on the street were the same way.
  23. So I assume you don't wear a watch, as that might entice someone to mug you. Why would you advocate doing anything to a "victim"?

    Your post made my head hurt just reading it. :upeyes:
  24. Call AAA a few times for locking your keys in your car and you will learn several ways to get into your vehicle without signs of forcible entry.
  25. Next they'll be trying to pass ordinances saying you have to have an alarm on your house. Assinine. Granted, making it easier for the car thief is not too bright, but 99% of the time he'd have broken a window or forced the lock to get in anyway. I wonder how many car thieves have broken a window out of habit to get in only to find out the car was already unlocked.
  26. Sure it does don't you know we got laws now to make sure you can't tempt the thieves.
  27. Yup.

    It used to be that when a crime was committed you had a criminal and a victim.

    Now when a crime is committed you end up with only criminals and no victims.

    Why do I think that this is exactly what our government wants?
  28. NO,

    The person who stole the goods from the car IS the 'victim' because he was underprivileged and now will be given a handout from the government because of his misfortune, which is always the person who owns the car that was stolen from's fault.

    My blood pressure will recede slowly over the next 12 minutes. Until then, I will not reopen this thread.
  29. Bovine Excrement!
  30. In related news, Philly-suburb PD has a new definition of "rape." If you look or are dressed hot, according to a judge, you were asking for it.

    Story at 11.

    (Honestly - sometimes GT shocks me. And it shouldn't by now.)
  31. Quit over-reacting. There's nothing there that even implies that the criminals punishment would be affected at all if the car was unlocked.
  32. I drive a soft top jeep and the top comes off and stays off all summer. Does that mean I get fined everyday because I'm tempting thieves to much? Ludicrous.
  33. I'm just making a simple comparison of demonizing - or even criminalizing - behavior of law abiding citizens.

    I don't live anywhere NEAR Silly, but I prefer a free society. Just shocked that people on GT say things like "Good. Police have bigger things to worry about than doing a zillion police reports on stuff out of unlocked cars being stolen."