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    Jul 21, 2005
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    We got Obie the Cat 5 (capable of catastrophic destruction) puppy at the end of July. My daughter and her husband adopted him at 8 weeks from a Florida shelter. He was eight months old and weighed 80 pounds when they came to us for a visit. She had told us before she came up that she was probably going to leave her husband. He flew down a week before she was supposed to leave. After he got back to Florida she called him and said she wasn't coming back in a week and was moving out when she did. She stayed a week extra and asked us to take the puppy since he was too big and too wild for her to handle and she didn't want to leave him with her husband.

    The dog liked me from the start probably because I'm big and could handle him on the leash so took him out most of the time. Where we live he could have run free except he had no training at all and wouldn't come when called. She left and went back to Florida and Obie became mine. I fed him, watered him, and trained him. He goes with me in the truck when I won't have to be out of it for very long. About a month ago he climbed in the bed to wake me up. I greeted him and was petting him when he got this look on his face like a light had gone off. I'm convinced his thought process at the time was, "Oh! I get it. I'm your dog and you are my human". The change in his behavior is subtle but it is obvious I am the one he wants to be with. If I'm watching TV he either wants to be on the couch next to me or laying on my feet. If my wife and I have been out with the two boys he wants to get past them to me when we get back. I knew he would accept me eventually but the suddenness was surprising
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    Nice that he has a home with you! I think sometimes that I must be the Pied Piper in my house...The dogs follow me everywhere! Even if other family is in the room I leave, they dutifully get up and tag after me.

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    Oct 30, 2006
    i know the feeling. adopted my dog, and a later that day had to drive up to my parents house ~2 hrs. along the way he was sitting in the passenger seat, i stopped at mcdonalds for a quick bite. i bought him a burger or 2, the first bite he tried to grab the whole thing, i scolded him and after that he has been very trusting. climbed over in my lap and laid there the entire drive. he's been "mine" ever since. I adopted him for my gf, but he knows who's in charge.