dog is eatin plastic and paper

Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by noway, Feb 22, 2005.

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    I just now read a thread on the general forum on a lab eatin a panty hose and trying to pass it thru. My lab is developing this bad habit of thinking every bag or paper on the ground is something to be eaten. The paper I'm not all that concern with , but the plastic bag is a big NO-NO for me and a BIG concern.

    Can any harm come from these items digested into the stomach and intestines?

    If anything is found on his walks, he trys to eat it 1st and the same for any trash blow into the yard from the neighboring school. I don't want this dog to suffer from his own lack of intelligence and I'm I being to concern on this?
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    Jun 18, 2004
    puppys will eat anything they find and some dogs are this way for years. I could list some of the items that have "passed" though my dogs and you would find it hard to belive they lived. no your not being to concerned but like with kids you do the best you can and hope for the best

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    Sounds like your pooch just needs some obedience training to me.

    If you make him associate this pica-like behavior with wrong-doing, you can help him live a longer, happier life.

    This has come up among my friends before.

    The trick is simply to train him to SIT immediately upon your utterance of the word, then as soon as he goes to chow down on something inappropriate, you just give the command to SIT.

    Also important is the command DROP. This should also be done instantly by the dog.

    So now when he grabs something to nosh on that could be harmful to him, quickly give the SIT command.

    Okay; if your mutt is now sitting there with a chip bag or candybar wrapper in his yap, looking at you as if to say, "What?! I SAT DOWN, Didn't I?", give the command to DROP whatever he has. If he hesitates in ANY way, swiftly remove the waste with a stern "NO"--not yelled but in a firm, clear tone of voice.

    Then, as soon as the waste is on the ground again, reward him with a biscuit or a bit of jerky.

    And if he goes for the junk again after being rewarded for a proper response, reprimand him again but offer no treats this time; instead, just remove his dumb keister from the area. (This is because a smart pooch will quickly learn to grab stuff off the ground just to get more treats from you, you see...;Q )

    It won't be long before this nervous habit is nipped and your well-founded worries over paying for surgery to remove a trash can lid, your van's rear bumper, or the ottoman from your pooch will finally be put to rest.