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    Ok here is my problem.

    We have a 12 yr old Mut ( lab / sheppard ) who has been getting the trash. In the last 4 to 6 weeks been getting in the trash under the sink every chance he gets.

    He never did this before, but in the last few weeks when i am busy upstairs, he will get in the trash.

    I put one of those baby latches on the door but...we have had to renamed the little Bast***d Houdini cause he can still get in there. I have had to resort to tieing the door knobs together and let me tell you its a pain in the butt for us now.

    I didnt do anything about it at first because i figured it was an isolated incident. But after the 3rd time i did my "bad dog" talk and showed him the mess he made. Then i put him in the garage for a half hour. He has a doggie bed and blanket and water in there so its not really punishment. He likes to be inside though, so i figured if i associate his getting in the trash to having spend time outside he would stop. Didnt happen.

    he is a very smart dog but this is trying my patience.


    please dont post any smart remarks about taking out the trash more. He gets into the trash when there are just a couple of banana peels in there, so its not overfilled with trash. So picture shredded banana peels and torn open Tea bags strewn all over the dining room floor. Welcome to my world.
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    To tell you the truth, I think you are just going to have to move the trash......that's a tough one when your dog is getting past those baby!!

    What are your options for places you can move the trash???

    Do you have a garage?? Can you place the trash outside the door in the garage??? Then keep him out of the garage.....unless you are in there.

    Yeah, I know full well what that mess is sucks....

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    Hey Andy,
    Your reasoning is flawed because you think like a human and he thinks like a dog. Skip the bad dog speech because he doesn't understand english. ;)
    First an foremost, If you have a garbage digger you have to make sure he does not get any human food at all. NOTHING. Second thing is he needs a good quality dog food. Nutro Max and Solid Gold are my two favorites but there are many good choices.
    Next you need to set-him up to have access to the trash when you are around and have a surprise in it for him. Sent you a pm for those.
    This is the way people think, "If my dog is getting in the trash well I guess I have to secure my trash" while dogs think like "Hey where did my goodie can go?? must be around here somewhere? OH there it is!!! Now why can't I get this door open?
    The trash location is not the problem, the problem is the dog is going into it and could possible be hurt or killed by eating something from it. By moving the can, you are only enticing the dog to a game of hide and seek and not being a very good alpha.
    Andy, I hope this helps you out some and post or shoot me a pm for more help.
    the above was not directed at Miss Peach or anyone else in particular but is very common with my clients and people in general
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    I dont think moving trash is the answer, there is also no where else to put the can. So unless i want to constantly take trash out to the big cans outside i need to stop him doing this. He didnt do it for 12 years and i am not gonna let him change the routine of the house, he doest pay the bills :)


    We do not feed our dogs any human food. He may beg a bit but when you tell him to go lay down he will will. He knows he is not getting anything.

    I did get your PM and i will give it a shot.

    I do have an idea on why he started this after thinking about what has changed in his routine. We did cut treats back and i suspect he just plain may be hungry. I will go back to the old routine but i will also try your trash digger tips you PM me. I dont want him to associate the trash as a food source so i will still try your method, in hopes of eliminating this problem

    Thx for the input i will keep you updated.