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Hello all,

We had a bad experience the other night and I would like to hear some other perspectives...

Our terrier mix "Petey" was looking over our back wall barking at a passer-by. The wall on our side is about 4 feet high and the sidewalk is about 6 feet below on the other side of the wall. The passer-by's Akita dog jumped up (5-6 feet) and grabed our dog by the face, pulling him over the wall. Luckily our dog escaped, but ended up with a severe face wound - deep lacerations, skin ripped from muscle. In any case we ended up with a very sad dog and a $400 vet bill. The passer-by "GENEROUSLY" offered to pay for half of the bill. He claims that his dog was protecting him from the threat of our barking dog.

I'm really pissed, because if I was in his position, his dog causing damage to my dog, I would have payed the entire bill without question. It just seems like the right thing to do. It's not a question of the money, but I think he is not taking responsibility for his animals. What if it was a kid hanging over the wall?

So far I have done nothing except let him know I think he is an A.. H... Do I have any legal recourse worth pursuing? Should I report the incident to the police or animal control? Our dog did have his feet on the wall, possibly leaning out somewhat, but the laws of physics and dogs bodies would make it pretty hard for his head to be lower than the wall. Any suggestions are welcome. By the way, I took today off from work and put up a secondary wire fence a few feet in front ot the wall to keep our dog safe in the future.

Tom D.
Allbuquerque, NM

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This is a sucky situation, and I hope your pooch gets well soon.

As far as fault or who's an a-hole goes, I can't point the finger at either of you, honestly, depending on how this guy's demeanor was.

His dog PROBABLY WAS defending his owner. Your dog was over-looking your fence/wall and barking (threatening gesture)... that's a no-brainer.

However, did he allow his dog to get at yours?!?! Meaning, could he have easily moved him and his dog away? Or was it a split second thing?!?!

I hate to say this, but realistically, your dog should NOT be able to get that far over a barrier, otherwise, people/dogs can feel threatened if/when he barks at them.

*I noticed you added some fencing... good idea*

This is just a bad deal. Your dog was likely just yapping at them, the other dog thought an attack would occur and reacted quickly, and the owner probably could not have stopped the incident (dogs react FAST).

While it sucks, you probably should have had a higher fence. He should've had more control over his dog. Lesson learned, unfortunate how it happened though.

Now, if HIS dog jumped into your yard, that'd be totally different.

Regardless, make sure your pooch gets better, and consider this water under a bridge.

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tough situation. if your dog was actually over the fence, and HIS dog didn't penetrate your yard/fence barrier, i could see it as "protecting" his master.

i'm glad you put up a secondary fence, and sorry your pup got hurt. give him an extra belly rub for me.

had i been the passer by, and you were somewhat accomodating/understanding in the whole situation, i probably would have offered to pay the whole bill even though it wasn't my fault (per se). if you were a jerk,(given a lot of leeway since you would understandably be emotional at the time) i probably would have walked off.

from what i've read, i'd nicely take the half the guy is offering you, bite the other half as a life experience learned, and be glad you put that extra fence up; now you don't have to worry about your dog getting out, getting hung up on the fence and choking to death, and all that other crap.

main thing is i'm glad your pup is okay, all things considered.
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