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Does DisplayPort suck?

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I'm getting complaints that DisplayPort -> DVI is fuzzy compared to HDMI to DVI. And what about HDMI to HDMi?

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We use display port on most of our monitors and haven't had any complaints. If it is fuzzy i would check the cable and if you are using a displayport adapter make sure it isn't some craptacular chinese brand, I have had issues with those no name adapters.

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ya, displayport's usually fine. It's pretty mature these days. Many cards actually do some sort of native-pass-thru for dvi/hdmi thru displayport, where it's natively sending the dvi signals through the displayport connector when it detects an adapter, so unless you're actually using an active adapter that's converting the signals, I wouldn't expect it to be fuzzy. You typically only needed the active adapters for high-resolution, back in the day, 27/30" monitors at 2.5k resolution (like 2560x1440 or 2560x1600) would often need such an adapter. Most other things, like simply 1080p, would be fine via a simple passive adapter.

Now, if you have to deal with hdmi2.0 right now, like on a 4k tv, then you'll be having some pain! Pretty much only a handful of video cards that support it right now!
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