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    Before making his hospital rounds, the doctor likes to get an update on his patients from the on-duty nurse. . . .

    Doctor: How does Mr. Smith feel about his recent brain surgery?
    Nurse: He's still open-minded.

    Doctor: How is the little boy who swallowed all the dollar bills?
    Nurse: No change.

    Doctor: How is the woman who had extensive plastic surgery?
    Nurse: She hasn't lost face.

    Doctor: How is the man who fell in the upholstery machine?
    Nurse: He seems to be recovered.

    Doctor: How is the showoff who got hurt on his ski trip?
    Nurse: He's gone downhill fast.

    Doctor: How is the woman who is obsessed with knowing the time?
    Nurse: We're watching her.

    Doctor: Did the demolition expert say he enjoyed his accident?
    Nurse: He said he had a blast.

    Doctor: How is the man who was run over by the eighteen-wheeler?
    Nurse: He's very tired.

    Doctor: How is Mr. Midas, who was overcome by automobile fumes?
    Nurse: Exhausted!

    Doctor: How is the horse trainer who got trampled in the barn?
    Nurse: His condition is stable.

    Doctor: How is the woman whose left side is paralyzed?
    Nurse: She's all right.

    Doctor: How is the man who fell into the vat of swimming pool paint?
    Nurse: He's feeling pretty blue.