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    A pediatrician was in the process of retiring, and was getting all his business affairs in order. For some reason, this doctor had done way more than his share of circumcisions, and for reasons odder still, he saved all those fore-skins. He had gallon jars full. His friend suggested he contact a tanner and leather worker. He did that, and told the leather worker he wanted something to celebrate his career. Leather worker told him he'd call him when he had something.

    After a few weeks the phone rang, and he was invited over to view the results of the guy's labors. When he arrived, the leather worker handed him a beautifully tooled leather wallet, and a bill for a thousand dollars. The doctor, retired, objected, thinking a thousand dollars was a lot of money for a leather wallet.

    The leather workeer said it may look small now, but play with it a little while, and it turns into a set of matched samsonite luggage.